Friday, October 1, 2010

Mad and evil

You ever get the feeling the world is going mad? North Korea sinks a South Korean ship. Israel ignoring calls to stop building settlements. The IRA resurfacing and calling for action. Ecuadorian police going on a rampage. Teabaggers calling for armed force. Cops getting gunned down in a coffee shop. Police beating innocent people on city streets. Gang bangers openly shooting people at random. Rude clerks. Stressed out workers. Angry pundits. Politicians calling people stupid and lazy. Corporations ignoring their obligations. And the blatant lying. Then there's the E.V.I.L. the evil Mexicans and the evil Muslims and the evil Russians and the evil North Koreans and the evil Iraqis and the evil Afghans and the evil Taliban and the evil Iranians and the evil oil executives and the evil auto companies and the evil unions and the evil liberals and the evil neocons and the evil socialists and on and on and on. It's now to the point that even those within a group don't fit the bill. If you not one of us then you must be one of them and that makes you evil.

Never before have I seen such vile remarks thrown at a president with total disregard for the office. He was a Kenyan, a Marxist, a socialist, a communist, a Nazi, a fascist, with photos of witch doctors, Hitler, and the Joker evil was spewed on the streets of the capitol. They called him everything but the N word and I'm sure they were using that under their breath. Why? Because he was trying as best he could to solve the nations problems with what he had. A royal mess handed to him even before he set foot in the White House. What were the alternatives? Let the banks fail and watch as everyones checking, saving and retirement vanished because FDIC would not have had the funds to cover that big a loss. Or watch as our auto industry swirled the toilet bowl taking with it much of what's left of the steel industry. And considering the population growth the size of the problem would have made 1929 look like a picnic. But I have to ask why. Why when we've faced such a situation in the past would want to keep doing the things that created the problem in the first place. I don't know about you but when something doesn't work for me after I've tried it once or twice I stop and try a different approach. A square bolt is not going to fit in a round hole no matter how hard you try. The solution however is counter- intuitive. Cutting spending will only make matters worse. With spending cuts comes lay offs which results in less tax revenues which results in more budget shortfalls or has no one figured that out?
But the evil continues and the hate speech ramps up and more will die. It's us against them but if somebody would stop for just a sec and consider that we are them and they are us. We're really no different than them in the grand scheme of things. We all eat sleep and do all the things that humans do and we're just looking for a way to survive. All the anger and fist shaking and name calling is not going to change a single thing.

So while you're browsing the web this weekend you might want to have a gander at Jon Steward's march on Washington. Yeah I know it sounds like just another bout of screaming and extremist rabble and I know Jon is just a comic but sometimes just sometimes you can learn a few things from the truth of humor. And right now we could all use a good laugh.

Rally to Restore Sanity


The Blog Fodder said...

Demeur, that was the saddest post ever and pretty much sums up the State of the Union. My fears are that it will get worse before it gets better. Much worse. And America will drag the rest of us down with it into some kind of terrible apocalypse.

Randal Graves said...

As a great comedian once warned us, evil will always triumph because good is dumb.

Tom Harper said...

I think the "dueling" rallies by Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are exactly what we need. Something to ridicule the hatred spewing out of the right 24/7. "I may disagree with you but I'm pretty sure you're not Hitler" and "Dial it down a notch for America" -- those 2 Jon Stewart quotes should take some of the wind out of the teabirther hysteria.

And Colbert's "counter" demonstration, "We need to keep fear alive!" should add to the ridicule. Hopefully a few neutral and independent voters will hear about these rallies and realize what a bunch of dildos the teabaggers really are.

Ranch Chimp said...

That pretty much sum's it up Demeur in a nutshell ... which will last me for at least the weekend since I am alway's working on weekend's and on the road (day/ night), having no access to computer either.

an average patriot said...

I am looking forward to see that march and I only hope there is demonstrably more people than attended Beck and Palin's tea party rally.

The world sure has gone crazy and there is a good reason. We have discussed it numerous times but they are all posturing to push into the 21st century with their interests coming out on top. Not a good time, not a good future, that is a fact, worse if the Republican's regain control!

BBC said...

You ever get the feeling the world is going mad?

It's always been mad but with modern communications we get a lot more of it faster.

I do some fussing myself but I know that it's not going to be fixed, Americans should just be concerned what they are going to do to deal with things. You know, at the home level.

I'll miss the march and don't think it will help any, but enjoy.

S.W. Anderson said...

"Why when we've faced such a situation in the past would want to keep doing the things that created the problem in the first place."

Many, many Americans don't like politics, government and, especially, politicians. Holding themselves above what they consider a bunch of no-good, parasitic meddlers, most people don't bother to learn much about politics, government and politicians, either. (Not learning about those things is a habit they picked up in school, BTW.)

These folks skim headlines, "read" the fist two or three paragraphs of news stories, listen to Limbaugh or Beck, watch snatches of "news" on CNN, and consider themselves well enough informed.

Let the fan get dirty enough and these people start paying real attention for a change. Some even make up their mind to actually vote.

The trouble is, with little background knowledge of history, issues and political figures, having never developed a political philosophy and unwilling to identify with any party, they're easily suckered by the meanest, most dishonest attack ads. That's especially so because their main motivation for paying attention at all is anger about things not going well.

Add all that together and you've got a large number of people who will blindly vote their anger. That means voting people in office out of office, whether those officeholders created the problem or are struggling to fix the problem.

Demeur said...

SW you need to remember civics is no longer taught in America's high schools. My main point in the post was the lack of decorum and the fact that the fringe is now the norm. The Birchers and the Birthers would have never made main stream media just a few years ago. The other issue seems to be the lack of qualified candidates. Republicans only seem to want a puppet that they can tell what to do. They sure found that with Bush.

S.W. Anderson said...

"The Birchers and the Birthers would have never made main stream media just a few years ago."

I'm not so sure. I remember when the media were all over any group of angry blacks or college students of whatever race who said or did something ugly and designed to shock. The same was true for white citizens groups in the south and idiots like George Lincoln Rockwell and his supporters.

I also remember a time when the Birchers periodically received a fair amount of media attention.

As a result, the media's attention to attention grabbers drew a fair amount of criticism in the 1970's.