Friday, October 2, 2015

Friday Post - Your services are no longer needed

Heads will roll

While the good news fairies of Wall Street would have you believe that everything is just hunky dory the truth is it's not. In order to make bottom lines look better and keep stock shares high companies have resorted to buy backs, asset sell offs and finally layoffs. The guise of the latter being the company is restructuring in order to meet global demand or some such other BS explanation. That's become very easy to do given the lack of ethics and the new corporate vulture capitalism. Also quite easy given the rise of investment groups who could care less about a product or process as long as it makes their shareholders money. Then there's the hedge funds that bet on a company's failure, but that's another story. Everywhere you look there's layoffs. Microsoft, Caterpillar, the banks, insurance companies all laying off to tighten balance sheets and make some CEO look like a winner at the shareholders meeting.

Customer service or no service as some call it - Seems those boiler rooms in India have finally come back home to roost. Note the southern drawl in the operators' voice. It's a good bet these people aren't working full time or get anything more than minimum wage and in southern states that isn't even the federal level (look it up). The "technicians" who do come out to your home mostly look like high school dropouts and just hope your problem isn't too complex or the old trouble shooter will have to be called in for a follow up visit. Once had a cable "technician" come out and install a cable box backwards. Resident 12 year old figured it out and fixed it. And good luck trying to change service. That's a guarantee for a sales pitch to a pricier package complete with features you'll never use. Forget trying to understand a remote, it takes a NASA engineer with an advanced degree to figure that one out when all you want to do is turn the damn thing on. And if all these smart cars and smart phones and smart this and that are so smart how come they keep failing? Machines do not necessarily need to talk to each other. My refrigerator, dishwasher, water heater, and stove have done quite well without having to talk to anybody. And it's an open invitation to hackers. We've already seen it in planes and cars. It's apparent there's no system that can't be hacked one way or another. So maybe it's time to simplify life and go back at least to some of the old ways. We just might be better off for it. 

bank fail later…
Two bank fails this past week one in WA. and one in GA.   


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BBC said...

And why are you still fussing about all when there is nothing you can do about it?

Find some things to enjoy....

Demeur said...

I enjoy bitchin what's it to you?

Snowbrush said...

I share your frustrations

"I enjoy bitchin what's it to you?"

He does too, it appears. Besides, why is he fussing about you fussing about things you can’t change when he can’t change the way you fuss about them? Isn’t this an example of the pot calling the kettle black? On a related note, a recent study showed that people who share their frustrations feel better for it.

Looking at the attractive woman in the photo, it occurred to me that she looks like a child. Not only are women that age not sexy to me anymore, I can’t even think of them as adults.

BBC said...

Yeah, I do my share of bitching, but not in every post.

Ranch Chimp said...

This has to be the best short piece of reality that I read in a long time, no sugar coating and to the point. As far as Billy's (BBC) first comment ... I have to disagree with him ... bitching, anger, awareness, and even radical response and resistance is alwayz healthy ... and with the "tools" we have in this country ... I believe we can do plenty about the current condition. But you're right on Demeur ... a cesspool of shit that should be terminated piece by piece and flushed down the f'n toilet, including many of the f'n politicians on both these f'n polarized sides.

billy pilgrim said...

bbc, the one true king, is always right.

i'm old and tech challenged but i figured out my harmony remote and it's fabulous! hook it up to the computer and get codes for all the gadgets on the planet, then you and move the buttons around.

on the downside, we have a new liberal government that wants to bring in tons of syrian migrants.

The Blog Fodder said...

Where did you disappear to? Hope you are OK

BBC said...

Just dropped in to say Hi.

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