Friday, December 27, 2013

Friday Pussy Modern communications edition

Hard to write when you're having computer glitches, you know those gremlins that pop up and either cut you off or freeze your screen. It's a momentary irritation for an old Mac. Don't forget to upgrade unless of course you've upgraded to the very last incarnation that the system will bear or is it bare I get those two mixed up at times? No, we're in the age of a paradigm shift as I see it and blogging just may go the way of the BBS service of yesteryear. There's far better ways these days with Livestream, Youtube  and instant video communications. It's amazing that anybody still pays for a phone call from around the world. It's also one of the reasons I've been absent of late here at Casa Demeur. Why rely on Lame Stream media when you can pop over to some foreign land and talk to folks first hand in real time. Let's face facts print media is as dead as Gutenberg  and TV news is doing the swan song. But I stop and go no farther into the tweety faceybook arena because this isn't a jingle contest where the winner has done it in 25 words or less, this is about communications. And it's a sure bet old Willy Shakespeare is spinning in his grave. Don't recall his shortest verse but it's a safe bet it was more than 144 characters. Dostoyevsky might have made it had he come up with 3 letter story characters but one things for certain he'd have gone way over his data limit. (Crazy verbose Russians)

So until next time I bid ado the world awaits. LOL BBIAB CYA

Bank fails at the usual time... whenever that is.
UPDATE: No banks failed this week so the grand tally for the year is 24. And if memory serves the grand grand total is at 450.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Friday Pussy - Late holiday version

Digging through some information about the fukushima nuclear disaster I find that radiation has reached the Canadian coast. There is at present no accurate information as both our governments are hiding the facts from us. Canada quit keeping records and there isn't enough information from West coast monitoring to give a complete picture but one thing is certain, things don't look good. In other words enjoy your pacific caught fish while you can. It may be inedible in the not too distant future.

And what other wonderful things are there to report this fine holiday season? No unemployment extension for the lazy slackers who can't get a job. Hum wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that there are still 3 people for every low paying job opening? Then there's the over 50 crowd who probably ran out of benefits a long time ago and nobody will hire them anyway. But wait there's more. Should Boner and the tea bag gang have their way you'll see cuts to the food stamp program. All while lining the pockets from their corporate masters in the farming industry and we aren't taking about mom and pop farmers here. Nothing like kicking Tiny Tim when he's down then starving him to death in the process. Wonder how much they'll get for his walking stick?

Hope you don't shop at Target. After a lame excuse and apology just try to check about your store credit card (not that I'd ever want to own one). Forget the on hold music of the girl from ipanema you get the friendly recorded message of "call back later" just as it hangs up on you. Proving once again that there is no such thing as customer service. And if you are fortunate to get a live person just ask them what country they're in, if they have to think for one split second hang up on them because you'll waste your time. They have no authority to solve your problem anyway. Abu only makes half our minimum wage so what does he care.

So to all those politicians who raced out of DC after giving us the shaft may they choke on a ham bone and have their faces burned off from the flaming christmas pudding. Or better yet die slowly from gout. How fitting.

Bank fails
None this week they must have been busy dining on pheasant and champagne at our expense.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday pussy - pre holiday edition

Wholesale prices drop for the third straight month in a row.
Not buying that (pun intended). Aside from a few items at the grocery store that have gone down in price most items have gone up. Gas is down maybe 70 cents from what it was a year ago. The Fed keeps buying our debt like there was a fire sale in order to keep the banks afloat. So let's face facts, we're screwed. Might as well eat drink and feel merry because when merry leaves we'll have to jump for joy and joy isn't all that good looking :-) .

Let's face facts. The only way out of this economic mess is to raise taxes on the well to do and get back to work on one of the biggest remodels the world has ever seen. It's a wonder the Caymans hasn't sunk into the ocean from all those off shore accounts although that loot is only ones and zeros in a computer. Hell the Swiss could make a ski jump out of world currency and have plenty left over. Stop being so greedy.

And what report here would be complete without a jab at the right wing or as you could call it the wrong wing. If you thought the Grinch was gone or had a change of heart think again. The right must have watched the movie in reverse and magically the Grinch's heart shrank to pea size. So I guess Boner is starting to get flack from his Wall Street backers as he's now on board with getting something done. But don't be fooled, this does little for the little people other than saddle them with airport fees and cuts to their pensions. Those that are unemployed be damned and just where did you hide that jobs bill you spoke of so often John? More tax cuts to your big donors doesn't cut it. Oh! That's right I hear coal is quite cheap now.

Sorry for the light postings but some computer grinches of my own have been bugging me. Kindly keep your NSA paws off my computer. 

Bank fails later...
UPDATE: One bank failed this week in Texas.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday pussy - useless news edition

Sorry for the lack of posts lately but due to some technical difficulties and a lack of motivation... you get the picture.

Nelson Mandela has passed
I feel sorry for the guy. Not that he died but what they'll do with his legacy. You can just about hear Limpballs getting a loogie ready to spit on his grave. And if you don't believe that stop to consider that Raygun vetoed a bill that put sanctions on the South African government until it ended Apartheid. Had congress not overridden his veto history might be different. 

Sound of Music has 18.5 million viewers
I'd bet you get about that many watching reruns of Gilligan's Island on any given day. Got to suck up to the sponsors though and make it sound like a hit.   

Stocks jump after strong jobs report
I don't buy that for a minute. It's just that Wall street controls main stream media and every time there a fluctuation downward they have to pump it back up. You do know that over 90% of the stock market is controlled by automatic computer trades. So it matters not what's happening in the real world because trades are executed with no human input. The algorithms merely check for price points in the market and trade accordingly. Eventually all that cheap money flowing in from the Fed will slow down (remember banks can now invest your deposits without your knowledge or permission and you get nothing in return).

All Syria's chemical weapons destroyed
That's a load of BS. The article states that all "unfilled munitions" have been destroyed. That's a far cry from the actual chemicals. It took over 18 months to destroy just 15% of our U.S. stockpile here in the west and that facility was set up to deal with such chemicals. Since this operation is being done at sea I guess they won't worry about environmental impacts should there be a leak. 

Bank fails later....