Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The end as we know it is here

It is signed sealed and delivered. No stopping it now. The fatal leap that one last step at cliff's edge. No turning back now. And now to see what we've bought. To rip the clear plastic wrapper on this encyclopedic piece of work. To understand? Ha now there's a mission. Your degree in English won't help you now. This was written in that unknown language governmenteze and even those who can speak and write it can't understand it. They leave that to the courts to decide. Section II paragraph 2 part b? Please refer to subsection I part c. They snickered as they wrote for they knew what hell they wrought. "Don't forget the crossed out section" they chuckled and add it on page 608. Just where was that? It was right there next to the pizza order in the side column.

Round and round it will go with yet more lies and falsehoods while the army of legal eggheads pour over fine print with their Sherlock magna glasses looking for loop holes because that's what the insurance companies are paying them piles of cash to do. And where's the republican boys in all this? They were supposed to stop this takeover. Oh I forgot they were planning their next junket. Hawaii is so yesterday, not even there long enough to tan. Not as much fun as leather, diapers and lewd lesbian dancers either those boring committee meetings. Now they can go back to their home towns to cry that they tried to defeat those evil socialists and now everybody should lock and load because that's what real Mericans do.

They'll whine and scream and everyone will pout until it's all worked out. And years from now we'll all look back and wonder why we didn't do this years ago. It's the nature of the beast.

(hat tip to the Randal of Graves for the inspiration)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Say Hi to

Tim of Scared Stiff
Just started following his blog and it looks like he's been busy with the rubbing compound and wax and filling the posts with the beginnings of some good writing. (Hey we all started out as rough and stumbly kids at some point). So pop on over if you want a wiff of that new bloggy smell before the ashtrays get full.

Scared Stiff

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Good grief

Now we have "Christian militia" (isn't that an oxymoron?) group looking to start something. Wasn't it just last year that our Department of Homeland Security was warning us of some right wing wako group wanting to start trouble? And the head people were made to apologize.
Maybe we should just round these guys up and send them to Afghanistan if they want to play army. I'm sure they could use the help over there. We could call them F troop. Care to read more on these morons at the following: Here Hutaree? Well kumbya to you boys.

As for me I have no fears for I have that wonderful attack kitteh at my front door. Nothing gets by her. She may look docile but underneath that mild manner shiney black fur is a hell cat ready to pounce with razor sharp claws and fangs. Have no fear Missy cat is here.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday beaver

This guy is trying to get into a medical center. Why? I don't know because if he's a Canadian beaver he's already covered.

A big stupid award goes to Sen. Colburn for blocking a bill that would have extended unemployment insurance to those who have been out of work for six months or more. Thanks senator nothing like kicking people while they're down.

Bank failures: Another 4 banks hit the skids this week 2 GA 1 AZ and 1 FL. Correction from last week there was a total of 7 and not 3 as reported. Four didn't make the list until late.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


How psychotic the republicans have become. There first tactic some years back was to say that anything the democrats came up that they agreed with was their idea such as a tax cut for anybody but the middle and lower classes. Now their tactic is to get all they want into a bill and then vote against it. In one interview I saw a republican legislator do a 180 when asked about single payer something they say they're against when it was their idea to begin with. And I guess he didn't get the memo because first he said he was against it. Then he said he was for it as well as coverage for all just like he had. Humm? If he's promoting that then he's for a public option because that's what he has. And as we saw they all voted against it. Now if they continue to play this little game from now until the election season Americans will get a little fed up with their not doing anything good for the country. They're like the slacker at work. You know the guy. He complains all day long and doesn't pull his weight and you land up doing half his job because he's wasted so much time whining and not working.


Garbage haulers may strike next week

The drivers are complaining about safety issues but according to the company they want a 25% pay raise on the contract. Safety issues are usually a fairly easy thing to resolve. If it's a pay raise good luck getting that guys in a down economy. Funny thing is their CEO was just on that show "Undercover Boss". Guess he missed a few things going on in his company.
This won't have much affect on me as I don't produce much garbage, maybe a half a bag a week. And I only live a short way from the transfer station. And no I don't live nextdoor it it.


I'm in the wrong business.

Took my car in for a tune up and oil change. There was a time when I could do it myself in about an hour. Those days are long gone. The darn thing has more sensors that the space shuttle. And no cheap parts either. Plugs $12 each. Wires $150 a set plus labor. Plus it needs an oxygen sensor (it has 4) $65. Jeez maybe they should just make a disposable car it'd be cheaper.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Clean coal indeed. Now cows are getting cancer

Clean coal in Ohio
I remember back in my photography days traveling to tiny bergs such as Hell's Kitchen and no chef Ramsey wasn't even born yet. Driving up a narrow road in a town that had no post office or even one stop sign you could hear the roar of heavy equipment.
As I got to my appointment you could tell but not see that the coal company was digging just a few hundred yards away from the house on the other side of a hill. There was a bit of dust in the air but it was the constant noise that would have driven me nuts. Why is it that the poor always seem to take the brunt of our manufacturing processes? You buy I nice little piece of acrage on the outskirts of town hoping to have a good place to raise the rug rats and what was once farmland now becomes a strip mine. The poor slobs get hit in the head not once but several times. They fight the companies from coming and when the lose they fight the noise and pollution. And they lose. Then when the mess is left to poison them yet again they fight once more and lose. But the last fight, for their own life and health, they lose even if they win the case. Because no amount of money will ever replace your health when you're slowly dying.
So you stop to consider it. This was many miles from me, out of sight out of mind. It's the next guys problem. Let him deal with it until it happens to me. Nah that's not going to happen to me or could it?

Sad to think that over the past ten years our regulations on pollutants were either watered down or simply not enforced. I saw that first hand in my own industry. Now you can take responsibility for your own situation. I have air and water filters in my home, but you can only go so far in protecting yourself. Then it is up to our government to step in and correct things. I believe we are on that course, but from what was ignored in the recent past it will take time to correct things.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Just when you thought it was safe at night

We have C.H.U.Ds."Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers" and werewolves too!

Seattle PI
A shirtless man who was waving a sword outside a Bainbridge Island business told police he was "hunting werewolves and C.H.U.D.s" because he was concerned about his safety.

Werewolves and C.H.U.D.s, he allegedly told them, in many cases took the form of humans.
Vandals attack Dem offices nationwide

Concerned about their safety, police took the man to Harrison Memorial Hospital for evaluation.

The incident started Tuesday about 1:45 p.m. when an off-duty Bainbridge Island officer advised dispatchers of a man armed with a sword in the parking lot of Pro Build, a business for contractors and builders.

Officers found the 35-year-old man standing at the front door of the business with a large sword in his hands, Lt. Sue Shultz said. He had multiple scrapes and cuts on his body.

Republican party stupid

As we all know the health care reform bill is well on it's way through the legislative process. We also know that the "No Party" is trying it's best to stop this piece of legislation. Now if you know anything about red and blue states you'll know that this is a blue state meaning the majority are democrats. All of our legislators voted to pass this bill except of course the republicans. The problem here is that our state attorney general is republican. And what does he do? Files a suit to try and repeal the bill. Now I'm no civics whiz but stop to consider this. The man in the white house taught constitutional law and received many honors for what he did. He was after all in charge of the Harvard Law Review, no small feat. So this weasley little republican snot thinks that those who spent the last year putting this bill together didn't think of the constitutional issues before they put it on paper? I think not.

So for you Rob McKenna our illustrious attorney general I give you The Stupid Award

And when I find out just how much money you wasted on this fools errand I'll have another one waiting just for you.

Now will Rush Limpballs please get your fat ass on the next flight to Costa Rica?

Monday, March 22, 2010

Scam Alert!

I keep getting robo calls from someone saying that I can lower my credit card rate and to do so just press #9 on my keypad. I have received five or six of these calls over the last couple of weeks and thought they were from my own credit card company. I'd hang up though and thought about calling my card's 800 number to check out the deal. So glad I never pressed #9. because over the weekend I discovered what happens when you do. I'm a big fan of Clark Howard. For those of you who don't know of him he's a young fellow who's made a life studying money. He made his first million before he was 30 and we're not talking about some get rich quick scheme. He really does seem to know where all the best deals are and what scams to look out for.

To make a short story long a woman called him saying that she did indeed press #9 and the man on the other end got her to give out her current account number, her mothers maiden name and her social security number. I was surprised Clark didn't hit his scam alert button when he heard this. When he does this warning buzzers and flashing lights go off. At any rate he told her to call her credit card company and put a freeze on the card and have a credit watch put on through the credit agencies. As for myself I would have canceled the card and had them reissue a new card.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Republican reaction to the health care bill passage

Need I say more.

Random medical rants

On the eve of this great medical shake up we sit and wonder what scraps we'll be thrown from the master's table, while our elected officials gorge themselves on cash from insurance lobbys. With our hopes high that maybe we'll be one of the lucky ones that will somehow get the tail end of the main dish they call a health care bill, but with each passing day we see this dish being stretched with fillers and preservatives. And congress is hopeful that they can package this slop in a neat little can with a bright shiney label and sell it as the next best thing since sliced bread. But we know better. We've seen all this before. Their wonderful plans eecked out in some backroom committee by people so far removed from the issue they wouldn't know it if it hit them square in the face. Ya congressman this'll cost money but how much are we paying for your coverage while we got nothing?
Then there's the opposition. Railing against any change because they know if they don't the lobby checks will stop comming and there's the election in the fall. Must somehow convince the ignorant masses that they are against their own best interests. Must tell them that the latest polls say they are against it. Must tell them that the government is evil and is out to round up their grandmothers and kill them failing to realize that they are the evil government in the way of getting something necessary.
Saw a letter to the editor from a man ranting about taxes to pay for ambulance service saying that he'll never have a need for it. I thought maybe we could put him on a "do not service list". When his house catches fire we'll just bring our weenies and marshmallows and laugh as he sits there in his underwear whining for government help.
Then there's the doctors who have been reduced to assembly line workers. Get em in get em out. One assistant checks the vitals one covers paperwork and the doctor plays musical rooms all day. Was that room an abdominal problem or a head injury I last saw? Just imagine his mind at the end of the day. Tests. There's always tests. Got to push the tests because that increases the bottom line. Like a car dealer insisting you need the latest hi def sound system even though you're half deaf, but this is what you saw on TV last night the big medical company wouldn't lie. Got to pay for that new MRI machine they just bought so now everyone gets one. And don't buy that line that this is to protect the clinic/hospital against some law suit. We all know they're got far better lawyers than we could ever think about hiring. They'd have to leave a rusty meat cleaver in you during a by-pass before you'd see a nickle of damages.

I could go one and on and on but I think I'm feeling a bit ill now and with no coverage well....

Friday, March 19, 2010

Silly beaver

This is one smart beaver.

Random rant - Surfing the web I see that our military is spending 168 million to develop a deadly laser capable of shooting down missiles. This beast called an FEL can put out enough energy to power a small city. How is it that we can spend billions er make that trillions of dollars killing people but god forbid if we spend a couple of billion bucks on health care?

Ever notice the modifying words in the headers of Google or Yahoo News. Nothing gets put at the head of the search engines like explosion, stabbed, murder, revolt, or any other scandal. Consider that if your writing some news item and want to get to the head of the pack.

Watching the hearings on financial reform this morning. You'd think our financial system was based on some form of quantum physics. It's real simple guys. You spent the last thirty years doing away with all the rules from the system. How about putting them back? Separate the banks and investment houses, outlaw derivatives and no more packaging subprime mortgages. Simple balance sheets might help as well. Profits, expenses and losses with no more of this off the books accounting. Wish I could do that. You think they'd buy it if I told the IRS my AGI was zero because I moved it to another account in my other name? I could just tell them I'm too small to succeed.

I could go on but that doesn't help anything.

Almost forgot yet again three more banks failed this week one each in Ga. UT and OH.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A delightful Naomh Pádraig

Couldn't find a picture of a rotten shamrock so this will have to do. Popped over to the Irish Times to see how they celebrate their patron saint and see what's happening over there. The first article was an article railing against the church's treatment of the child abuse issue. Looks like the fruit Saint Patrick has born is now rotten. There may have been many honorable people in that church over the centuries but with the scale and scope of the crimes they have forever poisoned their image. No amount of TV PR or letters of apology will bring back their flock. Not when they acted like a Montana pimp.

In other Irish news it looks like they're in the same sinking boat. Their banks are broke, unemployment is high, and they're having to cut back on public transportation for budget shortfalls. From a comment they appear to have lost that great sense of Irish pride faded by current events and economy. I must say they don't put up with half the crap we do. Their subway was going to be cutting back service from 8 minutes to 12 minute runs and their administrators resign over the row. So I guess they have a good reason to get plastered today.

*Montana pimp - A guy with sheep under each arm.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How much is enough?

Tiger returns to sex.
I'm sure that will make all the bimbos happy. Now they get another chance to milk him for extortion money. Raises the question how much is enough sex? I'll let you ponder that one yourself.

Oil companies make billions. We know the reason for this but our only choice is to drive less.
Insurance companies make billions while dropping laid off workers and saddling those with coverage with the bill or should I say ever increasing profits.
Banks are flush with cash and don't seem motivated to lend money to business even after we bailed them out.

Contrary to what Gordon Geko said Greed is not good. In watching a documentary about where our tuna comes from I saw first hand about things we don't give a second thought. The worker who caught that fish made about 1 cent for the effort. The worker who cleaned and boned it made less than a penny. Their average income per day is between $5 and $7. Even in a country with a very low standard of living that is a very small amount barely covering food and shelter. They work 10 to 16 hours a day for those meager wages. And I can just imagine how the CEOs wonder just how they can cut those costs by a penny or less so that they can make yet more in bonuses and look good at the next stockholders meeting.
And there we stand at the fridge door wondering if we'll have the fish, the chicken, the beef or maybe order out. We sit there watching the latest trinkets, gizmos and thingamabobs plastered across our oversized flat screen TVs and just must have the latest and greatest because you can make 3 easy payments and if you act now they'll double your order. Then when it sits in the closet collecting dust you'll pull it out give it to a relative or friend or charity and the process will start over. But gee it was so neat when I first saw it. But we never think about the poor shmuck who has to sleep on the ground or on the floor of the factory (yea they let them do that over there). And they get to work long hours in hot factories just so you could have some cheap dodad that you won't use anyway.

But I digress, this is about enough. How many homes does a CEO need? And how is it that a CEO makes 400 times what the average worker makes while in other countries that figure is more like 4 or 5 times. But they weren't satisfied with having all that loot. They've taken over our government to prevent competition making it near impossible to even get on the ladder. They've raped our educational system cornered the market on insurance and bet on company failures to make even more. Our jobs went overseas so they could make yet more.

But you haven't seen anything yet. When the underlings were defeated and robbed of their jobs and retirements the big boys will have no choice but to turn on themselves. Conditions are now being set for that to happen. We saw it first hand with residential subprime mortgages. Now you'll be seeing it with corporate real estate loans. Right here in the Northwest we have a 76 story building that's 20% vacant. It won't be long before their mortgage won't be covered and just like with a home the place will go on the auction block. And the vultures will swoop in and buy up the leftovers of dead or dying companies and properties becoming bloated with yet more cash and assets.

So how much is enough? In my opinion only a bit more than is necessary and not massive profits of assets or cash. Anything more is just plain greed a lust for things and money that never ends well.

(In looking for a graphic for "lust for money" up popped pics of womens clothing shoes and purses)

Keep hold of your drums you might need a place to live.

Monday, March 15, 2010

You ever have one of those days

You plan out a day to get a bunch of things done and nothing seems to go right. There was a time many years back that I would go ballistic from a minor set back. What thick skins we develop with age. Was going to pop down to the store on Saturday for the weeks provisions. Got in my car, turned the key and nothing. Dead battery. Oookey dokey not to let a minor thing like that stop me I keep a jumper battery in the closet. Gee and I never was a boy scout either. Dusted off the battery checked it for juice and it too was dead. Ooo kay. Plugged it in and waited and then remembered that it too would take a good 16 hours to full charge. No biggy I'll just wait for tomorrow.

Next morning the green light is glowing brightly on the rescue battery. I go out hook it up and not even a complete revolution. Must have a bad connection. Move clamps. Move clamps some more. Nothing. Okay back to house to pull out the repair manual. Ball joints, balancing, battery, there it is. Safety precautions, cleaning terminals and types of batteries. Vehicle may have a sealed battery with hydrometer "eye" indicating power level. So my battery has eyes? Okay, hope it didn't see me run that red light last week. And speaking of red lights that's what the eye was - red. Knowing that it was a sealed battery I know when they give up the ghost that's it. Finished, kaput. To make a short story long had a friend run me up to the auto parts store and of course they didn't have the battery I wanted but I found one that would work and all was well. Popped it in when I got home and was off to do errands.

Keep your drums upright and your batteries charged.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Beaver Friday

Don't mess with this beaver she's on the attack. Kind of like how I feel right now. Got a letter from the union today. I didn't used to be big on unions having grown up during the Jimmy Hoffa era but with todays environment it at least affords some support. In their letter they pointed out that unemployment in the construction industry is at 35%. I'd like to point out that it's worse than that. When I went down to the hall last month I looked through the out of work lists and found over 1000 names. That's closer to 3/4 of all the workers. If that weren't bad enough there are 10 bills in the state legislature to get people working and nothing is getting done. The state faces a 2 billion dollar budget shortfall that they are trying to plug but much of the money for these jobs bills was part of the stimulus. There was a big hupla about retraining for weatherization and they even had a big photo op last September. And now...crickets. No jobs and little indication of jobs. It makes me want to sent my legislator some fishnet stockings leather boots and some very red lipstick if you get my drift.
So you might ask why not just find something else? I have been looking for months and found only three jobs. One required a degree in environmental engineering and the other two were for journeymen under a different union and they were temporary on call positions. The other thing is that I don't want to lose any additions to my retirement fund. That reminds me I need to check on another retirement fund I'm vested in.

Keep your drums upright.

Almost forgot: Four more banks bit the dust this week 2 NY 1 Fl 1La

Thursday, March 11, 2010

And just when you thought it was safe to eat

FDA recall of 1.7 million pounds of food because some slob didn't bother to clean a machine. The product was a food additive that got into a bunch of other food products. Nothing like playing Russian roulette at dinner time. This is yet another legacy from Bush. Remember he was the one cutting these agencies so he could use the money elswhere. He did the same to the EPA and the CDC. Yeah just let the corporations police themselves and things will be just fine. Worked great for Wall Street didn't it?

Here's the link in case you want to know why you're throwing up Fine foods

If this widget works I may add it to the right

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Food Safety Widget.
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Update: I see this little widget doesn't work which is okay because I find it's tied to the FDA's website and you never want to have a direct link like that.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

If you thought credit card reform was bad

Hold on to your wallets folks. In addition to getting health care reform done our government is working on energy policy as well as consumer protection. From what I've heard the consumer protection legislation is getting whittled down to an agency run by those we need protection against. Sen. Dodd is working with Sen. Corker (R Tn) and by the sound of it Dodd is doing nothing short of a reach around to pander to Corker.
As for the energy bill I know big oil and coal were greasing the pockets of congress as far back as last summer when the teabaggers were screeming at town halls. Gas is expected to be over $3 a gallon if it isn't already. Wonderful. Now we get screwed in every orifice and they don't even leave a mint on the pillow.
Now for all those of you who thought they'd escape the mayhem, let's say you're retired on fixed income, there's a bunch of things in store for you too. First no cost of living increase this year. They tried to give grandma $250 extra this year but you know which party who put the kibosh on that. Did I say "Party"? Seems they get the party. We get to pay for it and clean up afterwards.
And if you're on Social Security you might want to check your old records for any old government loans you might have forgotten about like a student loan or gov backed business loan because the IRS is going after all you forgetful souls.
And don't forget the new taxes on cigs, candy and bottled water here. It's either that or a .3% sales tax increase. I have no real objection to taxes but when you're not working or have no control over what you get to live on it's a different story. Property taxes just went up 30% last year even though property values went down by 30%. So you'd think the amount would come out about the same. Nooo. They valued it at the old rate so if you want relief you'll have to fight for it. I'll need to file an appeal just to prove something I'm sure they already know.

Oh and I forgot to mention that consumer protection bill covers loans purchases and even retirement funds. Great now they can Madoff you and get away with it. If only Bernie could have held out a bit longer his buddies in congress would have let him get away with it. :-(

Monday, March 8, 2010

Climate change

In an ideal world we wouldn't use more enerygy or resources than was necessary to survive. But since we're not native indians living in an Amazon rainforest surviving off the land we must face the reality that we will produce waste and use a goodly share of the worlds energy. Some countries more than others, well okay the U.S. uses more energy than any other on the planet. Even when we're asleep we use energy with all appliances on standby. With those little glowing LEDs on everything from DVD players to the recharger on the shaver the energy vampires are keeping the energy companies in the green. And now we have developing countries looking with envious eyes at our wonderously wasteful lifestyle. Has it really made life better in the grand scheme of things? I think not. Our lust for 'things' has created nothing more than a sick symptom of OCD, but as they say "those with the most toys wins". But no having the most toys will only be a lasting legacy rotting in some landfill for some archeologist to dig up at some date in the far future
The short sighted few who deny that the earth's climate isn't changing are so without empathy that they'd poison their own food if they thought they could make a profit on it. They're the ones who talk of passing debt to their children and their children's children but what will their children say when they inherit a poisoned and dying world?
It's not just the rising of temperatures that we need to worry about. That could be the least of our worrys. It's the dying of our oceans that needs focus. When the oceans die your talking about the food chain and we're dependent on that for survival.

Dead oceans

Sign on Dr's readerboard: If your body wears out where will you live?
Let me change that to: If your planet wears out where will you go?

Sunday, March 7, 2010


With the weather so nice yesterday I was out and about on moss patrol. We don't have to shovel snow here but moss is a different story. Much rather get rid of a little moss than break my back shoveling. The weather here is said to be much like England and speaking of which I popped over to Four Dinners Scooter Forums radio broadcast. Got there a little late. A bit hard to follow the boys as they must have downed a few pints by the time I got there. Gee Dinners you sure don't write with a heavy accent. :-) And now I know what a barclays is... Doh! And no you can't shag Joan Jett because she's doing a gig over here in the northwest this weekend.

If you have nothing better to do on a Saturday afternoon pop over and have a listen. Hey over here in the northwest when the sun's out so are we.

Four Dinners - link at the right
Barnsley Sime - His blog
Scooter Forums Radio - web site

Friday, March 5, 2010

It's Friday and what would Friday be without...

Yep it's spring the crocuses are croaking the bulbs blooming and the beavers are back.
Nearly 60 degrees here today. They say the same thing for tomorrow then cooler weather next week.
I had something that I was going to squeeze in here but forgot. Spent the day helping out a friend get resettled after he lost his job. He was just starting out lost his job then medical problems then lost everything. I see we're only bleeding 36,000 jobs last month.

No bank failures this week that's a good sign but I'm sure there will be more.
Correction: There were five bank failures this week. They must wait until the markets close before listing them.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

PCBs - in your fish oil and vitamin suppliments?

Saw that breaking news law suit yesterday in California. Now before you jump on those tree hugging commies you need to stop and consider what's showing up in our foods. As we stupidly dumped so many toxic things into the ground, rivers and lakes they're coming back to bite us in the rear. Very slowly we are poisoning ourselves. We got rid of the lead in gas many years ago but it's still there in soil and water. Lead being an element doesn't go away.

PCBs are a man made invention. What the hell are they and why should I care you ask? They took a highly flammable chemical benzene and were able to bind it with chlorine to come up with a non flammable that doesn't easily break down. This turned out to be just a Jim dandy material to use in transformers and balasts because it took away heat in electrical circuits without breaking down meaning you didn't have to replace the part very often. But then the bad thing happened. People who worked with the stuff started getting some very rare and nasty cancers. So in the 70s PCBs were banned. But the damage has been done. The PCBs are in the food chain. And the bad thing is they aren't going to go away. The chemical has a cummulative effect being stored in your fat cells. So the more and longer you take these suppliments the more nastys build up in your system. So you just might want to hold off on the suppliments until the test results are published.

I tried to find the test results to see what levels they were talking about from the filed law suit but wasn't able to find it only the info from the link below.


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Class class and more class

Just took a class for first aid. One of the many more to come I guess. Nothing like being a professional student. Maybe by the time I'm finished with all these classes it'll be time to retire. The class was pretty good. The last time I took one was about twelve years ago so I must say things have changed. Got to use one of those new AED defibrillators. Wow are they amazing now. They're basically idiot proof that is until they make better idiots. You open it up and it tells you exactly what to do.
Over eighteen years I think I've had to give first aid about six times. Mostly for lacerations but nothing really major. And here's a bit of advice: If your having a medical emergency unless you're having major chest pains or your arm is detached from your body have a friend or relative drive you to the clinic or hospital. EMS are being overwhelmed with what they call asprin and band aid calls - non serious injuries that don't require their attention. It's really doing a number on our emergency personnel.

Now if there was just some work to put all this great knowledge to work.

So until then
Keep your drums upright