Thursday, March 11, 2010

And just when you thought it was safe to eat

FDA recall of 1.7 million pounds of food because some slob didn't bother to clean a machine. The product was a food additive that got into a bunch of other food products. Nothing like playing Russian roulette at dinner time. This is yet another legacy from Bush. Remember he was the one cutting these agencies so he could use the money elswhere. He did the same to the EPA and the CDC. Yeah just let the corporations police themselves and things will be just fine. Worked great for Wall Street didn't it?

Here's the link in case you want to know why you're throwing up Fine foods

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MRMacrum said...

I think we have been playing a form of Russian Roulette for years when it comes to our food. I will agree that allowing the private sector to police itself has made things worse in all phases of our lives. But again, I blame Congress (all of them) for allowing Bush to have the free rein he had. Big business owns all politicians above state level in my opinion.

Randal Graves said...

See, the FDA can't do anything right. Privatize it!

BBC said...

Like you said, if corporations were honest and cared about more than the bottom line thing like this wouldn't happen. Most of the time anyway, sometimes mistakes just happen.

Most cooked foods I don't worry about but I cook most of my own foods anyway. When I eat in a cafe I only order cooked items, never a fresh salad.

I've cooked in a cafe some and lazy salad prep can get you in trouble fast.

Anyway diarrhea is cool, it slides out easy, ha ha ha ha

Four Dinners said...

If it's food I'll eat it. If it isn't food I'll find out by eating it.

I ain't Four Dinners for nothing!!!

I hate to think what we've been shoving down our throats all over the world.

Still. If they finally manage to kill us at least it'll ensure enough money is there for the politicians pensions.

I'm a cynical old fart eh?...;-)

S.W. Anderson said...

It wasn't just that Bush cut funding for inspectors and regulators. It was that he put industry hacks, lobbyists and brain-dead cronies in charge of inspectors and regulators. And, they weren't awarding gold stars to subordinates who knocked themselves out "getting in the way of business," as Crawford's village idiot once referred to everything business doesn't want to be bothered with.

Demeur said...

Crum - Even the state politicians are sellouts.
Randal - That's it! We'll privatize the libraries next. Can't have those commie places with all those books and no profit.

Tom Harper said...

Let's give the Free Market a chance to work. We don't need a nanny state.

Let's say there's no regulation of the food industry, and a bunch of people start dying from food poisoning. Word will get out, and the public will stop patronizing that company whose products are killing people. Then that company will be forced to either unpoison their food, or go out of business.

See, the free market will work, if only those sissy treehugger regulators will get out of the way and let America be America.

Demeur said...

4D your system probably has so much alcohol in it nothing bad could survive.

Billy I'll remember that the next time I'm at the all you can eat stuff and puke.

SW it was that he cut those staff to the point it would have taken 10 years to inspect all the facilities.

Tom so you'll have the e coli steak with salmonella dressing and a tall glass of arsenic water?

an average patriot said...

Bush's legacy, the SOB! People keep telling me to get over it but we never will be able to get out from underneath much of the disaster here and around the world so we will always be thinking of the bastard.

BBC said...

Tom, the problem with the free market is the greed in it. Regulation is needed, like it or not.

BBC said...

4D your system probably has so much alcohol in it nothing bad could survive.

That works pretty well for me also, ha ha ha ha

MadMike said...

This was a very informative piece. I don't know why I didn't really know the difference between hamburger and ground beef. I just knew the latter was more expensive than the former. Like MRMacrum I blame Congress for letting Bush and his gang have their way for 8 long and terrible years.