Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Pussy - Mirror mirror on the wall

What the hell is going on? Warm up the pixels to the world and let's have the latest here it comes. I'm a poet and didn't know it. Longfellow move over here I come.

Trite you say? You want trite? Justin Boo Boo would fit the bill. Who f'in cares? Slap the kid on the "no fly list" and we'll never see the likes of him again at least not in this country. Problem solved. Now that's entertainment unless unless....

Unless you look at politics in NY or New Jersey. Sheesh! They just might run out of prosecuting attorneys before that's all over. Nothing could be more humiliating and degrading unless you compare it to a certain Toronto mayor who's now become the world's laughing stock.

Speaking of stocks (who asked you?) it appears someone has grabbed the flush handle and we now see the swirling mass or retirement funds making it way down septic system of the financial markets. Makes sense considering it's all run by rats. Sorry that would be an insult to rats. What's that smell?

Perhaps another cruise ship but who can afford a cruise these days? Sure not the sweet smell of victory that's for sure. Could it be the latest oil spill? Nah, and it doesn't smell like licorice either. One step forward three steps back, It just might be the agony of de feet. (get it?) 

Buy a new car they tout. Ha! can't afford a used one or even much maintenance on the one in the drive. All is but cruel punishment for following the rules of the game when the game was rigged in the first place. Have a look around your neighborhood and note all the parked cars with schleps trolling the net for a job that isn't there. Depressing isn't it? But not as depressing as watching another bank gobble up the assets of another while we get stuck with the bill. On that note....

Bank fails later.......
UPDATE: One bank fail this week in Idaho.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Pussy - economy edition

You may recall china just a few months ago going with a stimulus package of several hundred billion to pump up a slowing economy. It appears that didn't quite work. While the idea of government spending generally works in a slowing economy it didn't work in this case for a couple of reasons. First off the bulk of the money never made it to the workers who actually spend the money. It went to the main banks and shadow banks who neatly siphoned off the money to themselves and their investors. All well and good for a while until the bill came due and it's about to do just that. Bonds sold for China's major coal industry are about to come due and with sagging coal prices they may default come January 31. The other main issue in the picture is what China did with its' housing market. In the last five years or so it's built more housing than any other country on the planet. Entire empty cities have sprung up seemingly overnight but the problem is that there were no industries to support them. And just like the U.S. housing bubble these apartments are priced out of the reach of the average worker. Pristine new trains run empty because wages are so low.

The Chinese took our concept of free market capitalism to a level never seen before but it's looking more and more like the vulture capitalism that's destroyed the U.S. Looking at charts and graphs it's mirroring the same situation pre- 1929 depression era economics where the debt to GDP ratio is moving off the charts. China is now discussing austerity measures just like but not as extreme as countries like Greece, Spain, and Italy. The big question will be how can China continue to have growth while the rest of the world is pulling back? Who are they selling to when nobody's buying?

And how exactly did we get in this mess to begin with? The problem or should we say the solution was addressed some 2000 years ago. Simply put it said not to charge interest to your neighbor and every 50 years debt has to be forgiven. Today those concepts has been thrown out the window. With a fractional reserve economy it's mathematically impossible to pay off all the debt now standing at an estimated $600 trillion dollars. Buggering your neighbor is a game best left to children on the playground.

There will be a major default it's coming soon. And will the last person in line at the payout window please turn off the lights. Oh that's right the bill wasn't paid so the power company will do that for us.

Bank fails later....

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Friday Pussy - Late edition

GRANTS PASS, Ore. (AP) — A federal appeals court ruled Friday that bloggers and the public have the same First Amendment protections as journalists when sued for defamation: If the issue is of public concern, plaintiffs have to prove negligence to win damages.

Okay not much to write about. Just the usual murder mayhem and mass weather messes ala wash rinse repeat. Net went out and after jiggering and diddling it was discovered that a connection had worn out. How does a connection wear out when it's never been moved?

So it's official you can now call an asshole an asshole. That's something I've always wanted to do. What's that you say? I'd have cards printed up with the word asshole on them. When someone fit the bill I'd hand them a card and say "here now you're a card carrying asshole." You like that eh?

Obummer is such a disappointment. He'll protect your privacy. Yea right. Is it any wonder why states are passing laws to protect the 4th amendment? And if this guy taught constitutional law then we are in trouble. Maybe they should repossess his degree.

Lastly we have the chemical spill in W.Va. My guess is you had a company that didn't have a clue as to what it was doing. Somebody had money to dump and thought they could make a quick killing selling mining chemicals cheap. Only problem was they were too cheap. They were by the looks of it underinsured and over leveraged. I feel sorry for the folks who got sick from that spill because they'll never see a dime of compensation.

And speaking of over leveraged we have the usual bank fails....
This week we have one fail in Chicago, Il.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday pussy - Republican bashing time

Why I hate republicans
Republicans are liars - "I am not a crook".
Republicans have voted over 42 times to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act.
Republican health care plan is if you get sick, die quickly.
Republican budget was nothing but tax cuts for the rich.
Republicans have no jobs bill in fact they voted against anything that looked like a jobs bill.
Republican think that wars have to be paid for by the poor.
Republicans cut funds for food stamps and meal on wheels.
Republicans while getting us into war didn't want to pay for it.
Republicans hate blacks unless they can be used for political gain.
Republicans hate hispanics unless they're low wage workers caring for their children.
Republicans hate gays unless it's Dick Cheney in which case it doesn't matter.
Republicans would like to steal your Social Security and give it to their rich friends on Wall Street.
Republicans hate pensions unless it's their guaranteed pension that we the taxpayers paid for.
Republicans hate government workers unless it's their job that's on the chopping block.
Republicans hate rules unless it's something that makes them or their corporate masters money.
Republicans hate minimum wages. They'd rather pay less. 
Republicans never want to pay for anything unless it's a tax cut for the rich and you know who gets the bill.
Republicans hate the environment. Why else would there be more gas well fracking and oil drilling in this country than ever in our history?
Republicans hate science. Facts never seem to get in their way and they've suppressed much in the last 15 years.
Republicans say they hate main stream media even though it's their corporate masters who control it.

Bank fails later... Unless the bank was a big one then the republicans bailed it out with taxpayer money.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Friday Pussy Mortality figures edition

Happy New Year now let the death and destruction continue! 
Snow blasts the northeast killing 9. Four shot dead in Cairo as clashes continue throughout the country. Iraqi security forces kill 62 suspected Al-qaida militants. Unearthed WWII bomb explodes in Hamburg, Germany killing at least one. Record low temperatures set in Green Bay, Wis. at minus 18. ( Let's wait to see how many that will kill). Three people dead as police turn on striking Cambodian garment workers. Car bomb blasts Beirut yesterday at least 5 dead.
And what tale of mayhem would be complete without the usual drive by shooting, drunken car rage rampage or love triangle vendetta but I leave those generic incidents to the back pages of the weekly rag's police reports. No mass murders to be seen there. And nothing to celebrate this new year. Maybe we can take solace in the fact of knowing that the old year is gone and good riddance to it. Zero out the calculator Mr. bean counter this is the start of a new year and it looks like you have your work cut out for you. You may not be able to keep up with the body count when this year ends. It sure got off to a good start.

Bank fails later....