Saturday, June 21, 2014

Friday Beaver - thrifty too

Oops looks like these two are trapped. Hope they aren't under the burden of debt. Wars are fought over that you know.

Aside from the centuries old blood feud you just knew Iraq would break out in civil war once U.S. troops left. There was no way we could have remained in the country indefinitely. At some point all parties had to come to the table and work out a solution, however installing another puppet dictator didn't help the situation. It's a failed policy on so many occasions. We've done the exact same things in Iraq, Iran, Vietnam, and many of the South American countries all to no avail. In the end the people always suffer the fate of arrests, detentions beatings, torture and murders. Iraq is no different.  Al-Malaki set about to essentially eliminate any opposition to the Shia way. We should have seen this coming when Iran held meetings with Iraq just after we left.

So what now? We're in a position that's a no win situation. Fail to act and the slaughter will continue. Go in and expect a circular fire squad with various factions using you as a target. Any type of limited air strikes would only be a recruiting poster for more violence. Nice job Bushy. Thinking you could go in and destabilize a country then neatly walk off with all their oil didn't quite work out the way you planned. You didn't bother to read their history or understand their people. So if your mission was to go in and mess up an entire region then "Mission Accomplished"! 

Eventually people will get tired of the killings and the violence will stop. Look at Lebanon which has only now begun again. Then there's northern Ireland which had fighting and bombings for decades. And if you step back it's all due to banks and the fractional reserve economy. There's the Federal Reserve which is no more federal than your aunt Mabel. It loans out money that doesn't exist, never did all based on a ratio of 9 to 1. For every dollar a bank has on deposit it lends out 9. So you see the system is broke. It's the biggest Ponzi scheme the world has ever known but since nobody is paying attention they don't care as long as the game keeps going nobody's the wiser. That said...

Bank fails: We have two more this week. One in Fl and one in IL 

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Beaver weekend

This beaver hasn't died yet but he sure is busy.

Life seems to be getting in the way of fun things like posting snarky articles and comments around the innerwebs. Now where was I....

Don't you just love it when the government causes a problem then tries to blame somebody else? Such is the case with Iraq. Roll back through history a bit and we find that the U.S. helped Saddam gain power. We even supplied him with weapons to fight Iran in the 80s. Ah yes Iran another of our success stories where we forced out a democratically elected leader and installed the Shah a brutal dictator no better than Saddam. Two of the biggest mistakes in Iraq was outlawing the Bath party which had made up the only form of government in the country for decades. The other being the abolishing of Saddams'  army thereby creating a massive power vacuum. And if you know anything about Iraqi history you'd know that there's been a blood feud there for centuries (dating back to the 13th century). Putting the majority in power did nothing to stop the situation as Iraq under Saddam was more or less secular and based on a socialist system.

Given the fact that we basically trashed their country in terms of government, economy and stripped it's leadership of power we now see the end result, civil war. We must not have done a very good job of training their military as they cut and ran in the latest altercation. Something is terribly wrong when a force of 30,000 is intimidated by just 800. But there's a bit more to that than is reported. There is the sense of country not factored in all this. It's been noted that during the American civil war troops would not fire on fellow countrymen during the heat of battle after all these were just plain folks just like the rest of us. Most were farmers in the south and not able to buy they way out of the conflict. In Iraq the bulk of the wealthy and middle class left the country at the beginning of the conflict which left the poor to do the dirty work as usual. 

But the real issue here is what's happening to the countries oil wealth. In spite of and conflict the oil will still flow and petro-dollars banked. And what better opportunity to make off with a bunch of loot while the underlings are busy fighting each other.  

Hum...No bank fails this week