Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Monday Pussy - We got to get out of this place but first where's MY bonus?

(What you mean I sign up for 5 tours in Iraq? Thought we done with that.)

Kick the can down the road and hope nobody notices. Big follower of world news here and it's a safe bet the money boys are gaming the system yet again. Oil is the name of the game at the moment and just like the gold rush of long ago anybody with a drilling rig is out there pumping. But the price is down you say so how can that be? Simple. Those rigs and leases don't come cheap and once you've started it's hard to stop. While the Saudis have long since paid for their oil infrastructure the new kids on the block, that would be shale and tar sands, maybe not.  Frackers frack for oil and gas. It's a safe bet they run on credit like most businesses. Bet the payments are hell seeing as how they got into the game when the price was over $100 a barrel. A nice tidy profit when you're pumping a million barrels a day.

So where does that leave the world? If you're an oil producing nation and that's where you rely on the bulk of your income then you're screwed. Saudi Arabia doesn't care they just want market share that way it'll drive the smaller fish out. Unfortunately it's going to hurt Canada with its' tar sands oil. Harper has already spent that money before it hit the pages of the budget because if everything is so wonderful then why would the budget be held until April? Maybe he thinks we're all fools. Sadly the pain gets trickled down to the bottom feeders like Venezuela Nigeria and then to those who must import oil like Cuba. Sorry Raul Hugo is dead and they have their own economy to think about now. Maybe the U.S. could dangle some barrels of oil over his head because you know we're just swimming in it.

And with all the chaos and diversions going on (translate that to read: the military industrial complex is sucking the life blood out of the world) it's a safe bet (there I go again) life will get yet more chaotic. After all must keep the rubes confused during the robbery otherwise they might catch on to the game. Lower the interest rates yet again and "infuse" more money into the banking system cause you know a $43 million bonus just doesn't go as far as it used to.

Did we have any bank fails last week let me see?
We have one small fish ..er.. mean bank in Chicago now swallowed up.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Pussy - Blanket covered edition

The ongoing news is enough to make a manic depressed. From today's ongoing breaking news:
Anti terror raids in Belgium
Gunmen attack French magazine Charlie Hebdo
Hostage situation in Colombes, Paris
Ebola outbreak
Police raids in Berlin
Islamic state threat in Iraq
Ukraine, Russia political crisis
AirAsia flight 8501

If that weren't bad enough there's the 25 million displace folks living outside around the globe, economic hardships in Greece, Spain and Italy just to name a few. All the while the boys on Wall Street suck the last dime out of the suckers before the Grim Reaper shows up. Let's see them try and bribe their way out of that one...Ha!

Ah but lest we forget the terrorists under your bed because then the boys on Capitol Hill will have to protect you by looking through all of your emails just in case. You have nothing to hide right? Meta data collection will save us they say. Yeah right. Ever do a Google search and not find what you're looking for even though you knew the item you were searching for existed? And just how many Bob Jones are there in this country or any country for that matter. Just hope your name isn't the same as the Bob they are looking for.

What country can survive without a Boogieman? It's those foreigners I tell ya. Everything was okay until they showed up. Wait a minute didn't your ancestors come from someplace else? An often overlooked fact in the grand scheme of things. But we always have to blame somebody, somebody has to be the fall guy, the scape goat.  Over the last 200+ years we've done such a wonderful job of demonizing Indians (American that is) African Americans, Chinese, Irish, Germans, Japanese, Mexicans, Jews, Mormons, Catholics and now Arabs and Muslims.

Heard one of the most absurd statements by the Pope last night. He said if somebody insulted his mother he'd punch them in the face. Nice one Pope who would Jesus punch?

Gad this world has gone crazy.
Bank fails later,,,
One bank failed on Friday in Florida. The total number of fails last year was 14. Lost count of the grand total but it's over 450.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Fri. Pussy - Late financial edition

Shot stabbed shot punched kicked tazed. Is there anything we won't do to each other? Almost forgot raped, abused and neglected. I'd take the last one there. Leave me the hell alone then we can skip the others. Just can't think of any good innuendos this week. Have any to spare? And let's face facts nothing is sacred anymore. Santa Claus didn't come to town and your bills are going to go up shortly.

No global warming they say. Really? Then how's come west Texas is about out of water and California needs a trillion gallons just to break even? Frack you say? If oil drops farther you won't need to worry about that and forget that pipeline. Alberta will look like a ghost town by the time it's all over. And nobody has the balls to raise taxes that just might keep the party going. And why should they? The ones at the top are still ripping off the foreign countries with their fancy hedge funds and derivatives. Bet they don't even know what they have in their bank accounts. When the talking heads tell you 2015 is going to be a great year grab you BS meter and hang on. Why you might ask? Because even after the last melt down they're still selling worthless paper and the rules are pretty much the same. They can even use us as the rube. No more bailouts? Ha! That was neatly sneaked into the budget bill just before they split town for Xmas break.

Who's in the toilet swirling around the bowl? We have: Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain and just added to the list a few days ago was France and Belgium. Scotland and Ireland aren't looking to healthy either financially speaking. Left out Cyprus and Syria and Japan. Sheesh this list is getting long. Brazil, Argentina, Equator, Chile, Venezuela, Russia, and most of the Baltic countries, oh and of course Ukraine which is looking to borrow another $15 billion. All it's going to take is one default and the house of cards comes tumbling down.

And on that note bank fails later...