Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Pussy is revolting

Just a short post to let all of you know I'm still alive and little has changed here at the Casa. My little corner of the world is still dotted with foreclosures in spite of being in the shadow of Boeing. Recovery? What recovery? Popped down to the hardware store the other day to pick up same do dad or other and was about gang tackled before I got to the front door by the red vested hoards. Passing by bags of compost, "No sir I'm not needing any of this" I replied. And upon browsing the aisles I was accosted by no less than 5 other clerks offering their assistance. If only we could get governments to work like this.

So what's up in the world? Been watching first hand the events in the Ukraine. The internet is such a great tool. You can now experience an event up close and personal and there's plenty of translators out here in cyberland to explain what's happening. Watched yesterday a large group of protesters capture a bus full of hired government thugs just waiting to join the fray. Didn't find out what happened to this lot but a group captured earlier were hand cuffed together, painted with blue paint and released. We've seen worse fraternity pranks back in the day. Never did find out what happened to the busload as the net dropped.

Say what you will about all the politics of this but it boils down to a few things. People around the world are longing for some peace and safety. There isn't much work out there and people aren't making enough to get by. Average wage in the Ukraine is $200 a month and like so many other countries in that part of the world their factories are closed. There was a time when it was all about a company or corporation. Then companies became like kids playing with trading cards. Finally it's down to trading entire countries. Saddle a nation with debt from outside and you own it. That said...

Bank fails later 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Friday Pussy - Valentine edition

Sports Illustrated has their swim suit edition which is odd because the gals appear to be only wearing one half their swim suits. Much like the joke "panties half off" except this time it was sans tops.

Plushenko drops out of the olympics. Not that I care after the Salt Lake city fiasco and anyway who wants to watch a bunch of skaters dressed like Liberace?

Weather has been weird. We've gotten little to no rain over the winter while the east coast gets creamed with snow and the UK is swimming. And they say there's no climate change. Yeah right.

And tune in to just about any newspaper or TV and you get another shooting or stabbing. What ever happened to settling arguments with old fashioned fist cuffs? Everybody walked away and the only damage was a black eye or two.

Lloyds and AIG lose money yet give their upper crust big bonuses. How does that work and how do I sign up? I can lose money with the best of them without really trying.

One last parting absurdity to ponder (think George Carlin here) As this day is graced with the likes of a certain saint like in spring a man's thoughts turn to the fancy or something like that, ponder the reality of the situation. A man inserts the part used for expulsion into a woman's part she uses for expulsion and nine months later there's the beginnings of the process started all over. Crudely put and lacking in romance and all that I know but that's the reality of the situation. 

What you have no amante? Then beat it.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday Pussy - Is pissed

Nothing like getting kicked while you're down. The senate in the last two weeks voted first to give their corporate masters a nice after christmas christmas present with a 4 billion dollar farm bill subcity.  Part of that was done on the backs of the poor and the working poor who'll see their food stamps cut $90 a month on average.

If that wasn't bad enough the senate also failed to pass an unemployment extension, something they failed to do before christmas but again voted it down yesterday. What's truly irritating was that the democratic leader Harry Reid voted against it.

Lastly those unemployment figures are far from accurate. There's a ton of people out there out of work who aren't even counted because their unemployment ran out. 1.6 million to be exact and those were just the ones waiting for an extension. If all of your extensions had run out before the last cut off then you are no longer counted so the 1.6 million figure is even higher.

So as I see it Republicans are nothing but thieves and the Democrats are nothing but enablers. They are all nothing but corporate whores. Excuse me that would be an insult to whores. Speaking of whores...

Bank fails later.....