Saturday, May 31, 2008

Cluster bombs

Above are shots of cluster bomb right and humanitarian food pack left that the U.S. dropped in Afghanistan a few years back.

One hundred eleven nations want to eliminate cluster bombs from their arsinals. Simple reason. They leave behind duds that can later explode killing and mameing children. Think the U.S. would sign such a treaty? Not!

Cluster bomb ban

Friday beaver tail

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Rachel Ray for Dunkin Dougnuts

This is Rachel Ray for Dunkin Dougnuts

A new deadly bacteria

A new bacteria has just now made the news. Not common until 2000 the superbug is showing up in hospitals and nursing homes. The real problem is that when antibiotics are used competing bacteria are killed and the bad bacteria explodes. Just thought you might like to know that you has good bacteria living on your skin and in your gut. If you use too much antibiotics and antibacterial cleaners then you kill the good guys that keep things in check. This is why we're getting superbugs like flesh eating bacteria and the like. Regular soap and hot water are all that's needed to clean without killing the good guys.

One ugly bacteria

Sunday, May 25, 2008

As if memorial day wasn't sad enough

Gas prices here went past $4 a gallon which has me wondering how high can they go? I came upon this article:

$4 a gallon gas? Ha chickenfeed

If that wasn't bad enough here's an article about banking that's not to rosey:

Bank failures

Sorry to just ruin your holiday.

A Memorial Day dream

Had a strange dream the other night that seems to sum up our situation in Iraq. I was in Iraq walking toward a small town when I heard gunfire. I could see one faction firing from buildings on one side of the road and another firing from the other side. I came upon American troops who were headed in that direction. They said this was a firefight between factions of Sunnis and Shiites and it would be best to find a way out of there. I went back down the road and went north until I came upon another small town. I came upon some American official there and told him what I'd seen and said they needed to get some help down there. His response "We really don't care about it." I woke up after that and pondered the dream.
I think this pretty much sums up the additude of this administration. We've screamed and yelled and protested and written letters and emails and blog posts and for what? They might hear us but like a five year old with hands covering ears and humming loudly as not to hear, they ignore us. They really don't care. They say they support the troops then fail to provide the proper armour and the proper medical care when the troops get back. They say the support the troops who live in tents under some pretty nasty conditions but when the troops return they face barracks that only a homeless person would live in.
Now I know the troops are loyal to each other. I've heard it over and over how they want to go back to give cover to their buddys. But I must say the job is over. U.S forces went there to remove Saddam and the troops did exactly that. The mission has been accomplished. It's now time to leave. It's their country and it's time for them to grow up and make a government whatever that might be. Whether it be a democracy or a type of socialism or theocracy it is up to them to decide not us.
To see the faces of the fallen many of them twenty somethings leaves me with sadness and anger. I'm sad for the familys who won't be seeing their sons and daughters again and I am angry because this damn war has gone on too long.
I used to fly the flag from my back deck until I realized what a disaster this administration has been. I won't fly it again until they are out of office. Should McCain win by some strange turn, then I shall remain flagless until these warmongers are out of office.
To all of you guys out there who lost buddys over there in Iraq: I know it isn't easy. First the shock and the anger then the sadness. You eventually accept it. I know it's hard but as the expression goes "time does heal all wounds."

To all troops a big salute. To the fallen a bigger salute.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Beaver friday

Just love these guys.

Gas price update

I no sooner filled up the tank of the family tank and gas prices went up even more. It went from $3.76 to $3.85 in one day and I can only predict higher prices in the near future. Just wondering at one point will the entire economy come to a grinding halt. If you consider 3/4 of our economy is based on consumer spending and we're all getting hammered with gas and food prices, well you get the picture. We're all in the same leaky boat.
Upon returning to work I find that most of my coworkers have been on the sidelines for quite a while and the usual maintenance jobs have been cut back as well. I just hope I can get in enough hours in the remainder of the year to keep the unemployment checks comming when needed. The positive thing in all of this is that I've learned long ago how to live on very little.
So how are you doing?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I just get back to work and get sucker punched by gas prices. Last tank I filled up with was under $3.50. Had to get some yesterday and it was $3.76 and climbing. When I saw oil at $133 a barrel I can only assume it will easliy hit $4 in short order. There isn't much I can do in terms of saving gas other than slow down. But try driving under 60 or even at 60 and you get blown off the road here. Gees, you'd think gas was free here. Hey I've got an idea. Let's lower the speed limit to 50 mph then everybody will be going 60 which is the actual limit.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Just in

Just got a call from my employer and after a near 6 month hiatus. It's back to the grind. This is going to be painfull. I'm way out of shape and the hours are weird. I'm glad though because now I can continue to save for retirement if that is possible.

Endorsements just keep comming from strange places

What's the expression? "Politics makes strange bedfellows." Senator Byrd endorses Obama.

This one will throw you for a loop

Friday, May 16, 2008

What would Friday be without...

Hot Beaver Sauce

Yeozzer I don't know if I'd have the guts to try this. It's made by some company in Canada. No I don't get royalties or kickbacks. Just thought this was interesting.

Mr. Decider

You want us to increase oil output?

I'm sure Shrub put real effort in trying to convince the Saudis (Let me see where does the Shrub family make most of their money?)

I was looking for a photo of an arab swimming in money but ya can't find one. I guess they don't swim.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The endorsements just keep comming

Another backer
I see more and more politicians comming to the support of Obama. Some people are thrilled with the supporters while others aren't. As Obama has said himself this needs to be a Democratic win that includes a broad spectrum of America. This win should be for all Americans and not just a few.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Inflation Numbers


The logic behind this thinking just amazes me. "Core inflation" what the hell does that mean? What's left after food and energy? Let's see, would that be housing, clothing and travel? With consumers not spending because they've been raped at the gas pump and food has actually gone up by 15 to 20% (note that the size of the packages are going down), let's put those figures back into the inflation numbers and see where we stand. Then of course there's housing. Just a major part of a persons' net worth that's been taken out of the equation. This is like saying "he's in great shape if you discount the fact that he had his arms and legs blown off." (No insult to our Iraqi vets intended there just making a point)
Sorry econo guys this is stagflation plain and simple. You can't sugar coat it to look like something it isn't. Wages are down, prices are up and the worst is yet to come.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Sad news of an earthquake in China

Just caught the beginning of this and as time goes by the death toll is rising. Started with 7500 deaths and is now at 8500. Let us take this as a wake up call for those of us that live in the northwest. Yes it has and can happen again here. With the population growth here it will be worse the next time around. I'm personally using this opportunity to make a few upgrades to my place by adding some structural supports where I can. I'm trying to do this without a major remodel by using the California codes as a guide. It seems they are still a bit stricter than our own here. As I figure it it's just a matter of time before the next big one hits.

Sad day for China

Sunday, May 11, 2008

You think the mortgage meltdown was bad

I recall mortgage brokers and lenders offering pie in the sky to get you to sign the paperwork to snag those big comissions. Imagine what grandma has to go through when the insurance man comes knocking.

Bush vows to bring peace to the middle east

Clashes in northern and eastern Lebanon, outside Beirut

Yahoo link

Way to go George another mission accomplished again!

Friday, May 9, 2008

What would Friday be without


I look at the talking heads on the financial networks and websites and like a bunch of high school cheerleaders before the big game they continue to rah rah while all the fundamentals are collapsing like one of our undermaintained bridges. Is there an comparison to Nero here? I think so. Oil is expected to go to $200 a barrel in the next year and at the rate it's going that could be sooner. Corn, wheat, soy beans and other comodities are at an all time high a real yipee if you are an investor but not so if you have to eat. Oh, that's right investors have to eat as well so are they just paying themselves? They're just making a temporary profit at the expense of others, supply and demand be damned.
I keep hearing some of the heads say we're not in a recession while others say the opposite. Of course you can't fool anybody here of course we're in a recession. Check around your neighborhood. How many have had their hours cut or been laid off in the last four or five months? You can watch the usual weekend crowds at the mall but notice how many bags they carry. It's become a recreational people watching past time.We look at all the pretty things we can't afford to buy and aren't going to buy because we're not sure if there's work next week and this weeks' check was a little light. Uncertainty is the deal killer at present. Forget the rebate (loan on future taxes) checks, gas and food prices eat that up before they got to us. We didn't even get the crumbs from the great Bush tax cuts. That went to some CEOs new multimillion dollar vacation home. I hear you can pick up some really nice places in Miami fairly cheap if you're hidden in the bowels of a large corporation and making a 6 or 7 figure income.
The only bright spot I've seen in all of this is that the process (economy tanking) is moving very fast. Much like having the choice of quickly ripping a band aide from a wound or peeling it off slowly I'm hoping that happens quickly rather than slowly. Even still I think that there will be lasting effects this time around. Those will be in the area of mortgage rules and the cost of energy. There was a time when you had to list every penny of income when applying for a mortgage. There was a time when (according to my father) that banks would actually ask about your personnel habits. Things like do you drink? Do you have any dangerous hobbies? Energy will be an issue because we haven't gotten around to changing the ways we deal with it. Car companies tout their green and energy efficient cars, but these hybrids are still an oddity on the streets. Public transit would have been a great option 20 or 30 years ago when there wasn't a shift in the work schedules and locations of the work. We are a mobile workforce now not tied to one place or fixed start time.
So when will this recession (depression) end? Good question. The bulk of the subprimes is still working its way through the system. The damage from that will be felt in the future as empty forclosed houses sit unsold lowering the tax revenues of governments. And then there are the companies that invested in this risky paper that is just now showing up on the financial news. Estimated to be nearly $1 trillion it will take a while to swallow that chunk of change. Then there are the mortgages just above sub that are variable and will come due in Jan 09. What percent of these will fail is anyone's guess but if the economy keeps sheding jobs well you get the picture. So, I'm figuring at least two years to get on even marginally stable ground that is if we get an adult in the white house who will tear up the credit cards and make every one pay their fair share.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

And on and on and on

This is just too amazing to wrap ones brain around. The party of "Family Values" gets caught again doing anything but. I could understand one or two or even three cases of indescretions among any group or organizations but this is getting rediculous.
Nothing like being: Your own worst enemy
But the real kicker here is that this is one the guys who went after Bill Clinton after his fling. Wonder if divorce is in the near future for this guy and with three kids the support will be a killer.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Another one about to bit the dust?

Dang I can't even get out a summary of this administrations misdeeds and the flow just keep comming. Today we have one Mr Bloch (I kid you not that's his name) another Bush cronie and his escapades.

Another bloch on Bush's record

Sorry I couldn't help myself

Gingrich warns of GOP disaster

I hate to tell you Newt but your party is all but finished in this country. All the money and fundraising in the world is not going to change the position you guys are in at the present.


Shall I summarize?
1. The stolen election in 2000
2. PDB 2001 the warning of 911
3. Downing Street Memo your intention to invade Iraq in spite of evidence to the contrary
4. Katrina
5. Hiring cronies for high level positions "Great Job Brownie"
6. Graft and corruption - Delay and Abrhamoff and all connected to them
7. Sex scandals from the party of "Moral Values" and not just regular sex, pediphiles, peverts and creeps
8. Over 4000 dead U.S. Soldiers and for what?
9. No bid contracts to make your buddies at Haliburton richer
10. Tax breaks for the rich
11. Tax breaks for corporations
12. Tax breaks for oil companies
13. To the poor and middle class empty promises
14. $4 a gallon gas $120 a barrel oil
15. Your friends are just as corrupt Enron and Ken Lay and the rape of the American consumer
16. 47 million still without health care
17. Rebate checks gone even before we got them from gas, food, and new state taxes
18. Treating veterans like yesterdays news both in medical treatment and housing
19. Preemtive wars - that is not what anyone in this country stands for
20 Gutting nearly every major U.S. Department from the Treasury to the EPA
21. Watching our infastructure fall apart while stealing the money to build Iraq - how many billion are missing?

I could go on and on and on but that would just be more depressing. Needless to say you are in a party that has little chance of making any advances in the near future. It is now time for Change We Can Believe In and not some empty promises that just line your guilded pockets. Go ahead and align yourselves with George W and see what happens.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Obama phobia

Did a scan of the news last night to see where Obama stood in the primary. The one blairing thing that stood out was the negative press. All but two articles presented the presidential candidate in a negative light whether it was about the Wright non issue or Barrack's position on suspending the federal gas tax. I am glad to see he is winning or declared the winner in N.C. which puzzles me as they list 0% of the districts reporting. And tell me how a candidate can win one primary, get nearly half the delegates in another primary and be considered behind? It's quite apparent that most of the MSM is against Obama. What are they afraid of?

Nothing like stealing from the poor

Leave it to republicans to cut off any benefits to those who can least afford it and give massive amounts of money to those who don't need it.

Robin Hood backwards

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Cool stuff

The X1 electric car is faster than a formula 1 race car. After viewing this on Cool Stuff How it works I think this is the beginning of the end for the internal combustion engine. It should be just a few years before production costs come down making them quite affordable And consider this: an electric motor requires no repairs or maintenance over its life. Think of your washer or vacuum cleaner, it's usually one of the other parts that gives out before the motor gives up the ghost. And with newer battery tech it should be interesting to see the maximum range. At present 150 miles. Then of course there's the Tesla electric car along the same lines. I'm glad to see we still have a few inventive people left in this country.

X1 on youtube

Friday, May 2, 2008

Employment figures

Is somebody not getting the picture here? We're loosing jobs each month and wall street thinks this is just rosey. I can not see why anyone would want to put money in investments at this time with a major pull back in domestic spending. Yes we can export products to China and India at least those that haven't been moved over seas, but as the layoffs continue and when people aren't buying foreign goods the world economy will pull back as well. Or am I missing something here? And that back door tax of energy and food prices isn't helping matters either. I'd say our wonderful rebate checks are basically gone. Sucked into the gas tank just to get to work or look for a job.

Thursday, May 1, 2008


In looking into the trucker/fuel protest I came upon this comment from one Truckerdoug;

4/3/2008 10:37:34 PM

I think this is a great idea especially for you tanker drivers around the DC area.

May Day

On this fine May day as a protest for the war in Iraq that's costing us trillions as well as over 4000 U.S. soldiers, the longshore workers on the west coast shut down the ports affecting all ports on the west coast. I hope this is just the beginning of a protest that will continue into the future. We have elected officials who have ignored our pleas to end this war. Our hope was to change the status quo and put an end to this never ending war that is a drain on the U.S. economy as well as the human loss of our troops and Iraqi people. I hope this sends a clear message to those who voted to go to war that this nation no longer wants to be a part of a no win situation. It's time for Iraq to step up and take charge of their nation. This will be a bloody process that must proceed whether we like it or not. It is their country not ours.

I'll update this as soon as I check on the truckers and what they're planning. Until then PEACE!