Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Gingrich warns of GOP disaster

I hate to tell you Newt but your party is all but finished in this country. All the money and fundraising in the world is not going to change the position you guys are in at the present.


Shall I summarize?
1. The stolen election in 2000
2. PDB 2001 the warning of 911
3. Downing Street Memo your intention to invade Iraq in spite of evidence to the contrary
4. Katrina
5. Hiring cronies for high level positions "Great Job Brownie"
6. Graft and corruption - Delay and Abrhamoff and all connected to them
7. Sex scandals from the party of "Moral Values" and not just regular sex, pediphiles, peverts and creeps
8. Over 4000 dead U.S. Soldiers and for what?
9. No bid contracts to make your buddies at Haliburton richer
10. Tax breaks for the rich
11. Tax breaks for corporations
12. Tax breaks for oil companies
13. To the poor and middle class empty promises
14. $4 a gallon gas $120 a barrel oil
15. Your friends are just as corrupt Enron and Ken Lay and the rape of the American consumer
16. 47 million still without health care
17. Rebate checks gone even before we got them from gas, food, and new state taxes
18. Treating veterans like yesterdays news both in medical treatment and housing
19. Preemtive wars - that is not what anyone in this country stands for
20 Gutting nearly every major U.S. Department from the Treasury to the EPA
21. Watching our infastructure fall apart while stealing the money to build Iraq - how many billion are missing?

I could go on and on and on but that would just be more depressing. Needless to say you are in a party that has little chance of making any advances in the near future. It is now time for Change We Can Believe In and not some empty promises that just line your guilded pockets. Go ahead and align yourselves with George W and see what happens.

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AgentX said...

It's too late for Gingrich. Or maybe running the country into the ground was the plan after all.

They are not much different from Al-Qaeda terrorists. Both want to destroy the United States. One just uses suicide bomber. The other uses many more WMDs.