Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I just get back to work and get sucker punched by gas prices. Last tank I filled up with was under $3.50. Had to get some yesterday and it was $3.76 and climbing. When I saw oil at $133 a barrel I can only assume it will easliy hit $4 in short order. There isn't much I can do in terms of saving gas other than slow down. But try driving under 60 or even at 60 and you get blown off the road here. Gees, you'd think gas was free here. Hey I've got an idea. Let's lower the speed limit to 50 mph then everybody will be going 60 which is the actual limit.


One Fly said...

3.90 here and the oil barons were in front of congress today crying how bad they have it operating on a 4% margin. Nothing will change on most issues unless change is forced apon them.

Robert Rouse said...

I just read where in three or four short years we may be looking back at $4 a gallon as the good old days. Some analysts are predicting $12 to $15 a gallon are on the horizon. We've always had it better than the Europeans - gasoline in the Netherlands is currently more than $9. All I can say is, hay and oats may be cheaper and a buggy has less upkeep than a car.