Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Memorial Day dream

Had a strange dream the other night that seems to sum up our situation in Iraq. I was in Iraq walking toward a small town when I heard gunfire. I could see one faction firing from buildings on one side of the road and another firing from the other side. I came upon American troops who were headed in that direction. They said this was a firefight between factions of Sunnis and Shiites and it would be best to find a way out of there. I went back down the road and went north until I came upon another small town. I came upon some American official there and told him what I'd seen and said they needed to get some help down there. His response "We really don't care about it." I woke up after that and pondered the dream.
I think this pretty much sums up the additude of this administration. We've screamed and yelled and protested and written letters and emails and blog posts and for what? They might hear us but like a five year old with hands covering ears and humming loudly as not to hear, they ignore us. They really don't care. They say they support the troops then fail to provide the proper armour and the proper medical care when the troops get back. They say the support the troops who live in tents under some pretty nasty conditions but when the troops return they face barracks that only a homeless person would live in.
Now I know the troops are loyal to each other. I've heard it over and over how they want to go back to give cover to their buddys. But I must say the job is over. U.S forces went there to remove Saddam and the troops did exactly that. The mission has been accomplished. It's now time to leave. It's their country and it's time for them to grow up and make a government whatever that might be. Whether it be a democracy or a type of socialism or theocracy it is up to them to decide not us.
To see the faces of the fallen many of them twenty somethings leaves me with sadness and anger. I'm sad for the familys who won't be seeing their sons and daughters again and I am angry because this damn war has gone on too long.
I used to fly the flag from my back deck until I realized what a disaster this administration has been. I won't fly it again until they are out of office. Should McCain win by some strange turn, then I shall remain flagless until these warmongers are out of office.
To all of you guys out there who lost buddys over there in Iraq: I know it isn't easy. First the shock and the anger then the sadness. You eventually accept it. I know it's hard but as the expression goes "time does heal all wounds."

To all troops a big salute. To the fallen a bigger salute.

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