Sunday, May 25, 2008

As if memorial day wasn't sad enough

Gas prices here went past $4 a gallon which has me wondering how high can they go? I came upon this article:

$4 a gallon gas? Ha chickenfeed

If that wasn't bad enough here's an article about banking that's not to rosey:

Bank failures

Sorry to just ruin your holiday.


Bustednuckles said...

Hiya Dude.
I put ya on my Blogroll.
It seems we have more in common than just hating the motherfuckers ruining our country, eh?

We do some HazMat where I work, a bit South of ya, along with some other nasty shit.

Demeur said...

Thanks for stopping by. Just love your cat stories. I have one of my own and must say she is a hellcat at times. Hope you'll post some photos of your two.
Haz mat is just a means to and end for me. It paid off the home here so I can't complain.