Saturday, May 31, 2008

Cluster bombs

Above are shots of cluster bomb right and humanitarian food pack left that the U.S. dropped in Afghanistan a few years back.

One hundred eleven nations want to eliminate cluster bombs from their arsinals. Simple reason. They leave behind duds that can later explode killing and mameing children. Think the U.S. would sign such a treaty? Not!

Cluster bomb ban


NorthCountryLiberal said...

We have become so proficient a killing lots and killing fast on a battlefield our enemies have taken the next logical move to terrorism.

When we disregard the killing of innocent civilians as "collatoral damage" we justify the terrorist's actions in the minds of the occupied.

Why is that so difficult for the f#@$ing NEOCONs to understand.

Demeur said...

Excellent point ncl.

The other issue is the use of banned weapons even though we say we don't.

Distributorcap said...

why would we do the right thing now === we havent in such a long time

the world so hates us for so many reasons --- i dont think anyone can fix it anytime soon