Sunday, June 1, 2008

Great idea

Somebody's going to get smart and start a company with this business concept:

Cheap gas

A small chain offers customers prepaid gas. The chain buys gas and stores it in large tanks or buys long term contracts at lower costs.
Only wish they had this here I'd have jumped on it.


NorthCountryLiberal said...

They won't be doing this in Northern New York any time soon.

Up here, when there is a clamity, like the hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico, the prices go up at the pump as soon as the words leave the weatherman's mouth. They rais the price based on what might happen, so we are paying a "acare fee" for gas stored in the stations tanks.

When a local hardware store jacked up prices for generators after an ice storm he was prosecuted for scalping customers after a disaster.

When fuel dealers do it, it's capitalism at it's best.

Robert Rouse said...

Gas is getting so expensive I can barely afford to buy it - I wonder if it's cheaper to lease. I'll gladly give Exxon all my Carbon Emissions. But seriously, I invested in a little Scooter for short trips around town. At 125 mpg, the bike is paying for itself.