Thursday, June 26, 2008


Congress just passed the war funding bill. The bottom line is really less than the $162 billion as there's money for the flood victims along the Mississippi. I'm not against the troops, but how much of this will really go to the troops and how much will go to Haliburton and KBR?

Oh, and a special note for Gary. Your wonderful friends in Washington cut the funding for Medicare (payments to Drs) by 10.6%. So if you are having problems getting medical attention or your doctor drops you, you'll know who to blame and it's not those "liberals".

War spending


GJG said...

I have no friends left in Washington, since the Liberals (aka democrats) took over the congress in elections last year--its YOUR people in charge now---don't blame me.

Robert Rouse said...

GJG is only half right. Bush and the Rethugs got us into this mess, but our so-called reps have done nothing to counter it either.