Monday, June 16, 2008

Pot meet kettle here we go again

Iran's assets

So now Britain and the U.S. want to freeze Irans' assets. I think you'll have a problem there boys. Iran moved its' assets about two years ago when Bush first started threatening that country. As anyone who's been following this would know. And it's not like you can hurt a country that has that much oil. I'm beginning to think this was preplanned. Note that the Saudis were actually going to try and bring oil prices down so they said. Hummm let me see, Bush has pissed off the Venezuelan leader who cut off oil to us, invades Iraq and has been trying to get their oil for over two years, now he wants to box in Iran. Can you say $10 to $15 a gallon gas? This juvenile we have for a president reminds me of the high school prankster who breaks into a business, trys to rob the place, then trashes everything just for good measure.


GJG said...

---has anybody heard what Kid Bracks energy plan is??----yeah I couldn't find it either?

Demeur said...

You didn't look very hard G
Here's the link: