Thursday, June 19, 2008

John Mcain nuclear genious

John McCain wants us to build 45 nuclear power plants. First off let me say "Hey John you wouldn't mind if we store the spent fuel rods in your backyard would ya?"
A little personnal insight into how these plants are built and later decomissioned. I know personnaly because the company I worked for demoed one just two years ago. First off these plants take massive amounts of materiels to build not to mention labor costs and fuel to transport all that material. The amount of concrete is amazing. They are built so that if a full sized jet liner were to fly into the side of the containment building the aircraft would disintigrate on impact. It takes years to build a plant and hundreds of millions dollars. They have a life span of around 25 years before they must be torn down and rebuilt. Again a process that takes years and runs millions of dollars. So with the construction operating and demolition costs so high they are really not an economic answer to the problem. But don't try telling McCain and his cohorts the truth, they don't want to hear it. If they had their way we'd all be studying about the flat earth being the center of the solar system.


Robert Rouse said...

I've never believed Nuclear power was a cost effective method to get electricity. We need to get President Obama - do I have the audacity of hope or what? - to challenge us to find reasonable alternatives to fossil fuels in less than a decade the same way JFK challenged us to get to the moon.

GJG said...

I have to laugh as you yourself complain about the high cost of energy yet are quick to throw out the NIMBY argument ----which explains how we got in this energy crisis we are in today---trust me with the high cost of oil now in effect, other means of energy is competitive, gasification of Coal for example (course with everyhone screaming NIMBY, we might have to build the coal gasification plants in Mexico or maybe northern Canada??), Solar might be developed more so than now, pass a law making it mandatory that all house roofs be installed with solar panels. (would be easy to tie them in to the existing power grids)---frankly with the current high cost, pretty sure everyone is gonna start finding more useful ways of using energy, rather than the wasteful manner we have grown use to.

Demeur said...

Once again you missed the point here Gary. Nuclear is not cost effective. The oil companies have been sitting on their collective rears for years. Now they get to rape us and give lip service as to their "investments" into alternate energy. Recent congressional hearing said that they only invested a few million on research.
The car companies haven't helped out either because they made a greater profit on suvs. When they did come out with the EV1, they must have got a call from the oil companies because the next thing you know GM confiscated the cars and destroyed them! (Look up: Who killed the electric car?)
There are many other ways of producing energy without polluting the earth. You living in Ca. should have first hand experience on that issue.
Just off the top of my head: Solar, wind, geothermal and tidal power. All clean and non polluting.
As I believe your own gov said "it's time to stop burning dinosaurs for our energy".