Sunday, June 8, 2008

Tomato update

Now it looks like you can only eat tomatos you grow yourself, tomatos with the vine on, and a few other types. This is really puzzeling. I've seen how lettice is grown, picked and processed at least here in the U.S. There isn't much more that can be done here to protect that process that I could see. With other countries it's a different story. DDTs are still used in many countries and companies like DuPont and Monsanto will sell chemicals to agribusiness that we can't use here because they're outlawed here.
I noticed that Canada as usual is ahead of the game. They've stopped using uncooked tomatos in all restaurants until further notice.
With all the recalls and alerts on so many food stuffs maybe as they come up with biodegradable packaging it will be safe to eat the wrappers and throw the food out.

Oops almost forgot the link: Tomato


Demeur said...

The picture looks like the ones I get after about three days. Notice the mold.

GJG said...

----the next thing you will see is the rapid run up in price of ketchup---In the long run doesn't really bother me,so much as, who can afford the gas to go to the store??--- to look at the blank shelves??

Distributorcap said...

why not tomatoes? everything else is either too expensive or too poisoned...

great planet huh?