Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fathers Day

Just thinking about what I'd get my day for fathers day if he were alive. In the later years of life there wasn't much he didn't already have or want. Yes he did make it through the depression and had to do without for many years. And as the years went by material things were really not that important. So I guess if he were alive I'd give him the satisfaction in knowing that I'd done alright with my life and managed to save a little money and own my own home. I know that would be satisfaction enough for me knowing that my offspring had managed to overcome lifes challanges and had a few sucesses along the way.


GJG said...

I think your right on the money with your thinking. I DO recall my own father telling me at one point , when I had gone back to upper Michigan to visit , him confessing one of the great satisfactions (aka relief) was determining that I his youngest son was making it financially, and hopefully if needed able to come to HIS aide financially if ever needed. He NEVER needed my help financially, and would have lived in a tent in a snow drift before he ever asked his children for help---(My brother and I made double damn sure he never had to ask---we are a prideful people in my family. one gives help, one doesn't wait to be asked for help.

MRMacrum said...

Seems most dads want nothing but that their kids do well for themsleves. Nice tribute. Beats a new tie for sure.

Rose DesRochers said...

My condolences to your loss. I loss my dad when I was 19. He would of been happy getting sock aand underwear. Material things like that really were not important. I bet your dad is looking down proud of you.