Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hillary Clinton fans

For all you Hillary fans who are pouting and planning to vote for John McCain, stop for a moment and ask yourself if you would do so after reading about Carol Shepp

Finally found a current photo of her.

A Republican opinion of McCain

And a connected article
The Real McCain


GJG said...

Its safe to say just about everyone of our presidents have had a dark side. Its general well known that FDR, Eisenhower, John Kennedy all have had their "affairs". In that respect nothing has really changed. What has changed is, is how the press reports things to the public. Muck racking sells newspapers today. I had hoped to hear a positive reason for voting for Obama presented, not a personal vendetta of dislike and told I should vote Against McCain. Obama is charismatic, he's young,and unfortunately---a bit to naive and unseasoned for the job-----maybe in about 8-12 more years would be better.

Demeur said...

First off this information had to be dug up over a period of months and did not make the MSM so it's not like it was selling any newspapers.
Second what experience did George W have before he took office? He was governor and did a bad job at that. Look at his track record. Daddy set him up in an oil company and he blew that. He owned the texas rangers baseball team and blew that.
So as you can see a chimp could do the job but to do it well and bring us to a better situation that's a different matter.
Obama naive? No the current president is naive and the world leaders are laughing at him behind his back. And Mcain wants to follow in Georges' footsteps and policys. No we don't need that.
What makes you think McCain is better if he has voted with Bush 95% of the time and we are seeing how great that's turned out.
This is an election year and I have yet to work more than a few weeks. That's unheard of in the last 30 years. Some day I'd like to retire but if these guys had their way they'd be gambling my (and your) retirement money on the stock market.

MRMacrum said...

Again comments about experience and it's importance or non importance. I have to go with demeur here. Not one president with the exception of one running for a second term has the experience to to be president.

We should not be so concerned about how many years these flounders have been hanging on in the parties, their halls of justice or the slums of the various capitol buildings. More years there in my opinion is actually a detriment to being a good president who really intends to lead the "nation" and not do his party's bidding.

We have been so programmed to interpret that time spent in the pursuit of power somehow makes for a good leader. Bullshit. Time spent in the pursuit of sensible solutions is way more important. And from where I sit, the solutions coming out of DC these last 40 years have some serious issues with the sensible factor.

I figure that if exerience has given us Viet Nam, Iran Contra, and now Iraq, then maybe it is time to try some inexperience. I cannot imagine we will be any worse off. The system does have checks and balances if they are used as they were intended. But then "experienced" pols have been working hard for years to circumnavigate those also.

NorthCountryLiberal said...

I value sound judgement, willingness to listen to advisors, analytical problem solving skills, ability to recognize mistakes, and humility as big qualifications for President. Bush possessed none of these and look where he lead the country. McCain is a Bush.

If women like gig are blind to McCain's atttitudes toward women and how it will impact on them, they are no different that than the evangelicals that supported the morally corrupt Bush Administration in '04'.

Positive reasons to vote for Obama: He's extremely bright. He is sane. He has Liberal, Progressive values about health care, employment, the economy, the environment, and foreign relations.

He doensn't have to have experience if he has leadership skills and is willing to surround himself with the right experts and heed their advise. He needs wisdom and I think he has that.