Tuesday, June 10, 2008

McCain = Bush

The Bush approval ratings according to a recent CBS poll are at 25%. It's now common knowledge that McCain voted with Bush 95% of the time last year. Those saying the country is on the wrong track were at 83%. That leaves only a mere 17% who think things are peachy. Now by logic since 75% of the people polled don't like Bush and even more think we are going in the wrong direction and we know McCain will not win the election then why bother to waste all that time, money and long winded speeches on the inevitable. Let's just suspend the election inaugurate Obama and get it over with. This entire election process has looked nothing more than a bad reality show. The MSM has tried it's best to inject as much excitement as the producers could muster on issues so trivial most HR people would overlook. And yet we must endore an entire summer and fall of punches and counter punches in a process where everybody knows the outcome. It's like watching a rerun of a football game. I'm only glad we aren't limited like in the old days to only three channels of the same convention coverage. There's the movie channels now. And anyway most of us now get the news from the net. What ever happened to objective journalism? Did it go the way of Walter Cronkite?



GJG said...

your exactly righ---when Walter Cronkite, was phased out by the tv news networks---it allowed the objectivity of what was being announce to become irrelevant, Now the news casters (aka the talking heads), were the news MAKERS, it was them to announce what was news worthy,put their spin on it and defy anyone to argue it. This time around the news networks are doing their best to "NOT" have to cover the political party conventions-----boring, has to do with important stuff nobody cares about---not important stuff like whats happening with Britney today, or whats Jaylo upto, and Brad and well you get the idea---so stop complaining and clap your hands and gasp with glee with whatever pretty moving pics the news people throw your way.

MRMacrum said...

I would hardly consider Obama a lock in November. He's in the big pond now. Different currents and tides to deal with. Don't get me wrong, I want him to win. I just do not have your confidence.