Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hillary just doesn't give up

There's conflicting reports about the Clinton campaign. Ap initially reported Obama the winner. Then the Clinton camp said not so fast it's not over yet. Last news blurb is saying Hillary is looking for a VP spot. I might have gone with this early in the campaign but after her win at all costs truth be damned tactics, I say no. Give her a remote position in some cabnet office or give her another shot at a national health care plan but not VP. She used too many plays from the Carl Rove playbook and we do not need another politician like that. We need to clean out the Bush attitude players and their ilk from the swamp. We need to get competant people in all of the critical positions and start rebuilding all departments. If you look closely at all major governmental departments in the federal government you will find that they have been gutted over the last eight years. I know Obama will get writers cramp from undoing all of the illegal signing statements that Shrub penned while in office.
Hillary has boxed herself into a corner and if the answer to her VP request is no by the delegates then she will have to fight to retain her senate seat. Remember she's quite a few million in debt and that money must be paid back.
Maybe we could make her head of domestic affairs (pun intended).

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GJG said...

its been an interesting competition, the democatic party trying to decide between the "old" (do it our way crowd), and the entrance of a new face that appeals to the teenagers and the media. The democratic party is deepley split ---Hillary will of course be re-imbursed for the costs of her compaign--(like hello, when have the clintons ever lost money wise in their campaigns, win or lose