Saturday, June 21, 2008

Bush blames Dems for high cost of gas

Ha! Leme see. Who's held the reigns of power in this country for the last 7 1/2 years? Who had the majority in congress? Who said they were going to do something about the high cost of gas when it was $2 a gallon? Who didn't even know that gas was $4 a gallon until a reporter told him? Who's daddy put out two executive orders to prevent drilling in these wild life areas?
There's 68 MILLION acres that can be drilled and the excuse is that it will take years to develop those areas. Well what makes you think any new areas could be developed any sooner?
I have an idea. Let's tax the crap out of the oil companys and use that money to subsidize gas in this country until we can develop renewabe energy. I'd love to see oil execs making less than janitors and have to get to work on $5 a gallon gas.

Read more of this deluded moron's thinking if you dare.

Bush's Brain or lack thereof


GJG said...
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Wayne said...

"Who didn't even know that gas was $4 a gallon until a reporter told him" - Are you serious?!?!?! Hadn't heard that one. Of course, with all the idiocy this man has wrought, it's very possible it just got trampled amongst all the other bits surrounding him.

Distributorcap said...

that is all i can say