Thursday, June 5, 2008

Say Hi to

Gary aka gjg aka ThreeScorePlusTen

If you ever wanted to meet a real live (retired) rocket scientist then here's your chance. You can watch as he trys to construct a jazzy website (he's new to blogging so be kind). He He... we forgot to tell you Gary you've got to be a 12 year old with too much time on your hands to actually do it right.

And with that cruel joke I'll be nice and put a link in the sidebar.

1 comment:

GJG said...

LOL , lets see, I got all the time on my hands, and after three weeks of listening and reading the so called experts adive, my mind HAS been reduced to that of a 12yo---and I have now reached that yes, yes, kick me, kick me,love it stage. yeah kick me again----mmmmmm