Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Once again CNN gets it wrong

The original report that actually aired on 60 minutes a few years back mentioned that cronies in the White House changed the reports on global warming. These cronies had no scientific background but took it upon themselves to censor any information they felt would have negative effects on corporate america.
The CNN header for this story makes it sound like it was NASA who misled the public. "NASA misled on global warming". Wrong guys it was Bush and his cronies who misled as they always have.

Republican interferance

Now according to the scientist from the 60 Minutes report the clock is ticking. We have about a ten year window to really do something about climate change before it's too late. And as usual our wonderful elected leaders are bringing out the fiddle so they can play while the planet burns.

Does Nero come to mind?


MRMacrum said...

You know, I could care less how the warming gig happened. Whether it was us or a natural turn of climatic adjustment. There is agreement that the globe is warming.

Wasting time placing blame is stupid. We need to address this new reality and do whatever we can to not hasten it's onslaught.

No matter what, we have some serious adjusting to do. And yet the boneheads In DC would rather this stay a political football so they can play catch with each other.

Just because it may be a natural phenomenon does not mean we should sit on our hands. Personally, I feel we have contributed to the problem, but like I said, at this point how we got here is moot. The time is now to address the upcoming changes.

Robert Rouse said...

We need to make Global Warming and fixing the planet the number one mantra with activists around the world. Sure, we can still be against war, poverty, hunger, injustice, etc. but put a lot of effort toward fixing Earth. After all, what difference will any of those things mean if the planet is dead?

Demeur said...

You are right Mrmacrum and Robert. It doesn't matter how this happened. We need to get our butts in gear and fix the problem. And from what I've heard it would be cheaper to actually fix the problem than continue on with the status quo.

GJG said...

one has to ponder the old folk tale of how Atlantis sank beneath the waves, (melting ice caps again?). How does one stay elected, telling the Amerian public, that they HAVE TO STOP using so much energy----will we be able to pass such legislation?? might mean the end of the Automobile industry in this country, ---but HEY, Unions rule, screw the current administrations, lets go with the "them in are bad, trust us, WE will do better"---what fools we mortals be.