Wednesday, March 10, 2010

If you thought credit card reform was bad

Hold on to your wallets folks. In addition to getting health care reform done our government is working on energy policy as well as consumer protection. From what I've heard the consumer protection legislation is getting whittled down to an agency run by those we need protection against. Sen. Dodd is working with Sen. Corker (R Tn) and by the sound of it Dodd is doing nothing short of a reach around to pander to Corker.
As for the energy bill I know big oil and coal were greasing the pockets of congress as far back as last summer when the teabaggers were screeming at town halls. Gas is expected to be over $3 a gallon if it isn't already. Wonderful. Now we get screwed in every orifice and they don't even leave a mint on the pillow.
Now for all those of you who thought they'd escape the mayhem, let's say you're retired on fixed income, there's a bunch of things in store for you too. First no cost of living increase this year. They tried to give grandma $250 extra this year but you know which party who put the kibosh on that. Did I say "Party"? Seems they get the party. We get to pay for it and clean up afterwards.
And if you're on Social Security you might want to check your old records for any old government loans you might have forgotten about like a student loan or gov backed business loan because the IRS is going after all you forgetful souls.
And don't forget the new taxes on cigs, candy and bottled water here. It's either that or a .3% sales tax increase. I have no real objection to taxes but when you're not working or have no control over what you get to live on it's a different story. Property taxes just went up 30% last year even though property values went down by 30%. So you'd think the amount would come out about the same. Nooo. They valued it at the old rate so if you want relief you'll have to fight for it. I'll need to file an appeal just to prove something I'm sure they already know.

Oh and I forgot to mention that consumer protection bill covers loans purchases and even retirement funds. Great now they can Madoff you and get away with it. If only Bernie could have held out a bit longer his buddies in congress would have let him get away with it. :-(


MadMike said...

This is some scary Stuff D! You had me wondering if there were any government loans I had forgotten about and where I was with my credit cards. I then remembered I had AMEX so no worries there. Bottom line: America is getting screwed every which way...

Randal Graves said...

I'm not worried. I'm sure if I keep on digging, I'll find some oil in my backyard. Then to hell with all you suckers, muahahahahahaha, etc.

Four Dinners said...

We are in the hands of greedy, selfish, soulless, dangerous, ignorant, bullying, arrogant arseholes.

aka politicians.

you get the feeling I don't like politicians?

Petrol / gas over here is around £1.96 a gallon. Pretty much $3 plus at the current exchange rate.

Britain reckons there's oil near The Falklands. Somewhere under the sea.

"Under the sea
Under the sea
Darling it's better
Down where it's wetter
Take it from me
Up on the shore they work all day
Out in the sun they slave away
While we devotin'
Full time to floatin'
Under the sea"

Sorry...I digress...again...;-)

oh-oh....methinks another Falklands war is looming...

We'll win of course. We can't win the bloody World Cup but we can skin the Argies!!!...;-)

Demeur said...

Mike they're not done yet and each time they give business more and more tax breaks so the only ones paying will be the consumer.
Randal with your luck you'll hit the Exxon pipeline and they'll send you a bill for damages.
4D I thought the Brits won the Falkland war. Did they give it back?

an average patriot said...

Democrats pander and Republicans suck us dry. SS remains the same but those looking to remedy our financial woes say that too is on the table for cuts. Republicans would like to get rid of it all together. Just hold on, we are powerless!

BBC said...

I didn't get an SS raise this year and I don't expect to get one next year. But I saw this shit coming so I'll just adjust and still roll along like I have for years now.

If I need a little extra money all it takes is a few phone calls or emails, there's plenty of monkeys around here willing to pay me 20 bucks an hour for some of my skills.

BBC said...

Petrol / gas over here is around £1.96 a gallon. Pretty much $3 plus at the current exchange rate.

I would like to see it at about $10.00, for his daughters sake.

S.W. Anderson said...

"Sen. Dodd is working with Sen. Corker (R Tn) . . ."

Gen. Washington had no business working with Gen. Howe. Elliott Ness had no business working with Al Capone. Nobody had any business working with Dick Cheney.

And in the same vein, Dodd has no business working with that race-baiting, free-market religion zealot Corker.

It's a sure sign the fix is going in.