Thursday, March 25, 2010


How psychotic the republicans have become. There first tactic some years back was to say that anything the democrats came up that they agreed with was their idea such as a tax cut for anybody but the middle and lower classes. Now their tactic is to get all they want into a bill and then vote against it. In one interview I saw a republican legislator do a 180 when asked about single payer something they say they're against when it was their idea to begin with. And I guess he didn't get the memo because first he said he was against it. Then he said he was for it as well as coverage for all just like he had. Humm? If he's promoting that then he's for a public option because that's what he has. And as we saw they all voted against it. Now if they continue to play this little game from now until the election season Americans will get a little fed up with their not doing anything good for the country. They're like the slacker at work. You know the guy. He complains all day long and doesn't pull his weight and you land up doing half his job because he's wasted so much time whining and not working.


Garbage haulers may strike next week

The drivers are complaining about safety issues but according to the company they want a 25% pay raise on the contract. Safety issues are usually a fairly easy thing to resolve. If it's a pay raise good luck getting that guys in a down economy. Funny thing is their CEO was just on that show "Undercover Boss". Guess he missed a few things going on in his company.
This won't have much affect on me as I don't produce much garbage, maybe a half a bag a week. And I only live a short way from the transfer station. And no I don't live nextdoor it it.


I'm in the wrong business.

Took my car in for a tune up and oil change. There was a time when I could do it myself in about an hour. Those days are long gone. The darn thing has more sensors that the space shuttle. And no cheap parts either. Plugs $12 each. Wires $150 a set plus labor. Plus it needs an oxygen sensor (it has 4) $65. Jeez maybe they should just make a disposable car it'd be cheaper.


MRMacrum said...

The bad comedy from the Right continues unabated. All of it reinforcing my notion that things can always be worse.

25% huh? Sounds like a union is trying to re-live the 1970s.

Cars - damn I hate the things. Necessary evils. And yeah we own two.

BBC said...

The problem is that your rig is too new. My old truck is still cheap to fix and I can do most of the repairs on it.

I think that for now the garbage haulers should just be happy to have jobs. But no, they are greedy.

US healthcare reform is boon for India outsourcing companies.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Tim said...

Side Bar
I love old cars and trucks. I've been searching for an old Dodge Mid 80s with a diesel...My car is 91 caprice and wouldn't trade it for the world.