Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A delightful Naomh Pádraig

Couldn't find a picture of a rotten shamrock so this will have to do. Popped over to the Irish Times to see how they celebrate their patron saint and see what's happening over there. The first article was an article railing against the church's treatment of the child abuse issue. Looks like the fruit Saint Patrick has born is now rotten. There may have been many honorable people in that church over the centuries but with the scale and scope of the crimes they have forever poisoned their image. No amount of TV PR or letters of apology will bring back their flock. Not when they acted like a Montana pimp.

In other Irish news it looks like they're in the same sinking boat. Their banks are broke, unemployment is high, and they're having to cut back on public transportation for budget shortfalls. From a comment they appear to have lost that great sense of Irish pride faded by current events and economy. I must say they don't put up with half the crap we do. Their subway was going to be cutting back service from 8 minutes to 12 minute runs and their administrators resign over the row. So I guess they have a good reason to get plastered today.

*Montana pimp - A guy with sheep under each arm.


Tom Harper said...

Couldn't you find a picture of a rotten potato? Or maybe a bottle of Guinness that's gone flat.

S.W. Anderson said...

Demeur, you really know how to lay waste to a whole lot of people's special day. I wonder, how does one say "bah, humbug" in Gaelic?

BBC said...

The whole world is on the same ship but I'm still doing just great, as long as my SS money keeps coming it's more than enough for my needs.

I went to the beer church and had two beers and two servings of corned beef and cabbage. My little gut isn't used to that much in it, I came home and went to bed early.

amadmike1 said...

Green tea? Green tea is good, but it makes you pee..a lot. TMI? Sorry Demeur :-)

Anonymous said...

I noticed your comment a Blog Fodder's concerning Crohn's Disease. Personal experience? I've had it for 50 years.

BBC said...

I guess my condition isn't Crohn's Disease cuz there is no discomfort in my diarrhea.

Diarrhea, diarrhea, it slides out easy. :-)

Hey, it beats the hell out of a big dry hard turd that doesn't want to move without tearing you a new asshole.

Demeur said...

Tom ya could tell if the Guinness was flat in a picture.

SW It wasn't my fault their church turned into a bunch of paedophiles.

Billy old man keep hold of your wallet they'll be after that next. They got nothing left to rob ya know. They'll sell your bones to a medical center before you're dead if they could.

Anonymous said...

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an average patriot said...

Saint Patrick's Day is on of the odd celebrations though I do every year and love corned Beef and cabbage. Saint Patrick was British and they ate corned beef because that is all they could get and had to cook it forever to eat it.

S.W. Anderson said...

"SW It wasn't my fault their church turned into a bunch of paedophiles."

No, of course not. But you seem to be conflating all Irish with the Catholic church (some are Protestant), judge that church with being incapable of reform and redemption, and see Ireland as a country that's basically gone down the drain. And all this in time for the Irish's big day.

I guess it all struck me as a bit much. No offense intended.