Sunday, March 7, 2010


With the weather so nice yesterday I was out and about on moss patrol. We don't have to shovel snow here but moss is a different story. Much rather get rid of a little moss than break my back shoveling. The weather here is said to be much like England and speaking of which I popped over to Four Dinners Scooter Forums radio broadcast. Got there a little late. A bit hard to follow the boys as they must have downed a few pints by the time I got there. Gee Dinners you sure don't write with a heavy accent. :-) And now I know what a barclays is... Doh! And no you can't shag Joan Jett because she's doing a gig over here in the northwest this weekend.

If you have nothing better to do on a Saturday afternoon pop over and have a listen. Hey over here in the northwest when the sun's out so are we.

Four Dinners - link at the right
Barnsley Sime - His blog
Scooter Forums Radio - web site


BBC said...

I was at his broadcast for the first half hour and then went to the beer church.

His broadcasts are while sitting at his computer at home drinking vodka so I suppose he does get pretty whacked.

Yup, he does have quite an accent.

I sprinkle a special powder on Helen's roof to keep the moss down. Some folks swear that Tide powder works well, I don't know myself.

On outside walls I just use bleach and water and a scrub brush.

Demeur said...

I use white vinegar that I save after cleaning out the coffee pot. Kills moss in 24 hours or less. Cheap too.

S.W. Anderson said...

Moss patrol. Whew, who knew? :)

Ole Phat Stu said...

You being on Moss patrol didn't stop him (Sir Stirling) falling down a lift shaft :-(

an average patriot said...

Love the cat! Never heard of moss patrol and don't know where it is but poor soil will do it and lime will solve that.

Demeur said...

Stu- I'm sure we could spray him with vinegar but that wouldn't help. Did he not get the elevator and we got the shaft.

Jim- Here moss grows on everything so should you ever come here don't stand still for too long or you'll start turning green.

Four Dinners said...

No Drunk Punk this Saturday! I'm out eating food with the wifey et al.

Back Saturday 20th March 9pm UK time and anywhere between 1pm and 4pm in the States.

Ta for the plug babe x