Sunday, March 21, 2010

Random medical rants

On the eve of this great medical shake up we sit and wonder what scraps we'll be thrown from the master's table, while our elected officials gorge themselves on cash from insurance lobbys. With our hopes high that maybe we'll be one of the lucky ones that will somehow get the tail end of the main dish they call a health care bill, but with each passing day we see this dish being stretched with fillers and preservatives. And congress is hopeful that they can package this slop in a neat little can with a bright shiney label and sell it as the next best thing since sliced bread. But we know better. We've seen all this before. Their wonderful plans eecked out in some backroom committee by people so far removed from the issue they wouldn't know it if it hit them square in the face. Ya congressman this'll cost money but how much are we paying for your coverage while we got nothing?
Then there's the opposition. Railing against any change because they know if they don't the lobby checks will stop comming and there's the election in the fall. Must somehow convince the ignorant masses that they are against their own best interests. Must tell them that the latest polls say they are against it. Must tell them that the government is evil and is out to round up their grandmothers and kill them failing to realize that they are the evil government in the way of getting something necessary.
Saw a letter to the editor from a man ranting about taxes to pay for ambulance service saying that he'll never have a need for it. I thought maybe we could put him on a "do not service list". When his house catches fire we'll just bring our weenies and marshmallows and laugh as he sits there in his underwear whining for government help.
Then there's the doctors who have been reduced to assembly line workers. Get em in get em out. One assistant checks the vitals one covers paperwork and the doctor plays musical rooms all day. Was that room an abdominal problem or a head injury I last saw? Just imagine his mind at the end of the day. Tests. There's always tests. Got to push the tests because that increases the bottom line. Like a car dealer insisting you need the latest hi def sound system even though you're half deaf, but this is what you saw on TV last night the big medical company wouldn't lie. Got to pay for that new MRI machine they just bought so now everyone gets one. And don't buy that line that this is to protect the clinic/hospital against some law suit. We all know they're got far better lawyers than we could ever think about hiring. They'd have to leave a rusty meat cleaver in you during a by-pass before you'd see a nickle of damages.

I could go one and on and on but I think I'm feeling a bit ill now and with no coverage well....


S.W. Anderson said...

Yeah, we're getting C-rations where at least an original Swanson's TV Dinner is called for. But as is being said several times an hour on TV now, it's a start. Something beats nothing, and this is something.

The next big worry is whether Republican Forces of Darkness will be able to unravel it all in court.

BTW, going by the illustration, the Diabolical Dr. Cyclops has two eyes. What's with that? :)

Oso said...

good post, you encapsulated it exactly. Hey wasn't the Dr Cyclops thing when he lost his glasses after he shrunk the people? Seem to recall that from Famous Monsters of Filmland hella years ago.
Don't know if you saw this from Firedoglake? 18 myths of the current medicare bill. IMO the healthcare bill needs a stake driven thru its heart before it drives a stake thru ours.


Demeur said...

Well it is a start. I seem to recall seeing when Social Security passed people got some pretty small checks to start with.

Oso I'm a big fan of old movies especially the monster flicks but I can't recall seeing this one. Just used it for my snark here.