Saturday, June 9, 2007

Beef recall

Looks like they underestimated the amount of e coli tainted ground beef. United Foods is recalling 5.7 million pounds of the tainted beef. If you have any with the product code est 1241 and a date up to Jan 2008 get rid of it. This story hasn't made the Yahoo or Google news yet. I found it here: Bad beef

Sad thing is that I have a pack of it in my freezer and thought I was safe as the initial date was April. Mine said November.
Anything safe to eat anymore?


pygalgia said...

Scary stuff. Finding out in June that beef I ate in April may have been contaminated is not reassuring.
On a side note, see if you'd like to sign on for this:
One Million Blogs for Peace
To End the Iraq War

Demeur said...

Py if the beef you ate was contaminated you would have known it right away. But them not telling anyone is unconscionable. As for the million blogs for peace I'll check them out.

shayera said...

You know, I emptied my fridge and freezer out before I went away at the end of April. And I basically forget to really shop properly. So I've been lucky. But this is getting really crazy. It seems like every day there's one of these "oopsie" things.

1138 said...

Cooked properly it should be safe anyways.