Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Why won't the Republicans in this country wake up to the fact that this war must end? This isn't even a war by definition. It's a civil strife with no end in site until we leave. Yes there will be blood shed after we leave, but that would be a small price to pay compared to years of death and distruction. Such violence is usually short lived as real power struggles play out and order is finally restored. Why won't the Republicans realize that the longer they hang on to the ideologys of the Bush administration that they risk seriously damaging their next chance to be re-elected. Don't they realize that most of the people in America are against this war that is saping our futures with massive outlays not to mention the lives lost on both sides. Wake up gentlemen and do the right thing. Do the wishes of the American people who elected you.

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shayera said...

Those rePukes were pushing mighty hard to add Iran to their tally last night. They had their talking points all in order.
Stabenow, Harkin and Kerry (yes Kerry!) made really great speeches on our side.