Wednesday, March 5, 2008

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An intelligent and poignant blogger with a good perspective on the democratic primary. Here's a brief sampling:

Obama has got to take control of this thing. Hillary Clinton has been allowed to make the unacceptable acceptable. That’s what happens when you’re allowed to keep moving the goal posts. She’s spun it so that the standard for Obama is perfection (11 straight wins) and that any loss (even a loss in a state where she lead by 20%) is somehow a sign of “buyer’s remorse.”

We’ve allowed her to move the posts so much that we’ve lost all sense of the Democratic process for picking a nominee. We pick our nominee based on delegates. Hillary cannot give you a mathematically plausible scenario in which she overtakes Obama in pledged delegates. Her only hope is to seat MI and FL (change the rules) and use the super delegates to overrule the choice of the people. This is undemocratic - there’s NO WAY around that. And Obama better do his job and make it clear just how undemocratic it actually is.

Now we’re supposed to give her the nomination because she won the “right” states??? States that are important because she says so??? Last time I checked, Missouri, Wisconsin, and Colorado were swing states. And you’ll have a hard time convincing me that Obama can’t win Democratic strongholds like New York, California and Massachusetts.

Her arguments are not based in fact. They are based in spin. And the only reason they hold water is because we have 24-hour news networks filled with pundits who have nothing better to do than pontificate on political hypotheticals. HER ARGUMENTS FOR THE NOMINATION DON’T MAKE SENSE. Hold her feet to the fire!

Another thing. Hillary Clinton has been successful in getting the public to mistake familiarity for “experience.” People don’t necessarily think she’s more experienced - it’s just that we’ve seen her face and heard her name for the past two decades. We’re familiar with her, but that does not mean that she’s more experienced. Obama needs to get the media to call her on her ish.

Take away her last name . . . take away her husband . . . where is her experience? What jobs did she create? What crisis did she manage? The questions are endless so long as you don’t buy her BS about “35 years of experience.” She’s been calling Obama an empty suit. Well, it’s time we see just how “empty” Hillary actually is.

Seriously, the next time your arguing with a Clinton supporter, turn the tables. Spring it on them and ask, “Name me 2 or 3 things she’s done as a senator” . . . “name me a crisis she’s handled.” You’ll get the same blank look that they accuse Obama supporters of having when asked the same question.

And don’t let them weasel out of it. Focus on Hillary specifically. Don’t let them tell you what her husband did.

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Snave said...

Excellent post!

So Hilary Clinton won the "big" states in the primaries... so what? How does that necessarily translate into her being able to beat McCain in those same states in November? It doesn't, of course. If the Democraps play their cards right, John McCain will not have a ghost of a chance in November against Barack Obama. But if they allow too much human stupidity to take control, and if they ignore the obvious issue of electability, Clinton will be given the nomination and the November election will become unnecessarily close, possibly close enough for McCain to take the White House, with or without help from Diebold.

And of course Clinton will file suit or do whatever she has to do to change the rules re. Florida and Michigan. As it becomes increasingly apparent to her and her campaign handlers that she won't catch up with Obama in the delegate total, and that all those superdelegates may not necessarily support her... then desperate times will call for desperate measures, and we should all know by now that Hilary Clinton is desperate enough to do whatever she thinks she has to do to achieve the power she desires.

Who will answer the phone at the White House at 3:00 a.m.? It won't be the president of the U.S., but if the president has to be awakened at that time of night to deal with some emergency or catastrophic event, I want a president who is level-headed and not prone to making decisions on how it would affect himself or herself first. I think Obama would make unselfish choices, with the interests of the entire nation first and foremost. I am not sure Clinton could do that.