Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday Beaver - Up and running

Finally got a newer computer. The old one just wouldn't handle new software and was about as slow as dial up towards the end. Then there was the issue of updating everything. Sadly I can not transfer old files to the newer one because they are two completely different operating systems even though the same brand. 

Greece - Either way they were screwed. Take the deal and inflict austerity or don't take the deal and face bankruptcy and austerity.

Doesn't pay to be a black man or a hispanic in this country. The odds are against you. One black man strangled for 20 minutes until he died. A hispanic with his empty hands held out shot to death. All listed as justified? But the civil suits are running into the millions. You'd think by now that police departments couldn't get liability insurance for such events. No sweat off their hides it's the taxpayers' dime.

I see Canada is swirling down the toilet bowl to recession even though their finance minister denys it . Harper will have fun trying to spin his way out of this especially when the Iran oil hits the markets and the price of oil drops even more.  Fear not Canadians we're not far behind. The largest part of the U.S. GDP is selling airplanes which normally runs in 20 year cycles. Well it's been about 20 years since the last uptick in building aircraft. Much of the military aircraft is coming to an end as well. Forget the F-35. They haven't worked out all the bugs yet and the fuel tankers for the air force are almost complete. That just leaves drones and the military only ordered a couple dozen of them.

Puerto Rico could be the next Greece. They have $72 billion in outstanding bonds and couldn't make a $94 million payment. Portugal is in no better shape with debt to GDP at 400%. Question is when will the dominoes fall?

Bank fails later  None last week
Correction: One bank did fail last week in Denver,Co none this week.


BBC said...

I think I can hang on until I die but may have to give up on my old notebook. Hate to replace it and not be able to use programs I've used for years.

Tom Harper said...

Glad you got a new 'puter. I got a new laptop last month. Our 11-year-old desktop PC is straight out of that old joke about dial-up -- when you want to download something, click on the link, then go ahead and do your errands, and when you get back home, the link is almost through downloading.

billy pilgrim, knight of the woeful countenance. said...

the cost of computers has plummeted in the past 15 years. and the reliability has soared.

we're living in the golden age of tv and electronics not to mention cars that go way faster than the old piles of junk that fell apart in the 20th century.

life is good in 2015.

The Blog Fodder said...

Why can't you transfer the files? What were/are you running?
Greece should have told the Troika to FO&D, taken the hit and gone back to the Drachma.

Demeur said...

Missed your comment Fodder. Apple changed it's operating system a while back something about powerPC to whatever it is now.

Billy P All well and good until the bells and whistles break down then you need a rocket scientist to fix it.

Billy C - There in lies the problem old programs sure did work better than what they have now. I miss Appleworks.

Basith said...

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