Thursday, December 20, 2007

Bowl games

I remember when I was a kid there used to be six or seven bowl games usually played at Thanksgiving and maybe one or two around New Years. Now there are (count em) 32 games between Dec 20 and Jan 7. As much as I like a good college rivalry and a good game after a quiet dinner, this is just getting rediculous. Teams I've paid no attention to during the regular season are suddenly cast on national TV to make an endless show of football lasting from noon till midnight. Even as a kid when I loved football more I thought it was getting to be a bit much. But then I stopped to think that with the writers' strike the networks have few options in this matter.


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pygalgia said...

Hey, at least it's something to watch (not that I watch much). The minor bowls bring funds into colleges that otherwise wouldn't get the money, and while it's a lousy way to fund higher education, in our current greedhead system you take what you can get.