Sunday, December 30, 2007

I'd post more but...

I would post more but we're now facing some health care problems in the family. No not me or my imediate family but some relatives living out of state. As one member is in the hospital and the other has no access to the net, I've had to play researcher and go between in this situation. It's hard enough to understand the ins and outs of the healthcare system in your own state much less have to look up another states' laws and regulations.
Here's a brief summary of the situation. Let's say you have a job with no medical coverage and low pay. You get injured or ill. You need an operation to get back to work but it will take you six weeks to recover. You don't get unemployment because you weren't able to work enough hours. You go to a local hospital to be checked. They tell you the situation and give you a doctor's note stating you need the operation. So you go to the local assistance office only to be told you don't qualify because you make too much money even though you made less than 1/2 the poverty level. You are too young for medicare and too old for aid to dependent families.
I've considered telling this family member to move to Canada and I've looked into so many government web sites my eyes are bleary. Fortunately the member in the hospital is old enough to be covered under medicare and medicaid.

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