Saturday, August 11, 2007

American roulette

It's pretty scary when you go to the grocery store and have to wonder if the food you buy will either make you ill or worse kill you. I actually asked the produce guy when buying corn if it came from China ( I kid you not). It was on sale for a rediculously low price. Well for those of you out there who like oysters, you'd better check where they came from cause there's some bad ones out there.

Bad Oysters

And I sorry to report that these oysters come from my state.


Snave said...

I can't abide oysters anyway... and if I even look at a geoduck, I can't go there either.

Isn't it amazing how the administration is so tied up in the money aspect of things that they don't want us to know where our food comes from, or what short-cuts or alterations were made in our food's production? And they downplay that the number of government food inspectors and the numbers of food inspections have decreased drastically? What gives?

I know they want to keep us dumbed down, that's pretty obvious... but hey, we could possibly be made sick or dead by bad food and the administration doesn't really care? They not only think we're all stupid, they must also really hate us.

Demeur said...

Alas it's all about money. We're becoming or developing a China mentality. Only wish we'd have a China sense of honor.

ankur said...

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