Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Larry Craig

So the rethuglicans are all waiting to see what the voter reactions are on this issue. I don't know about you, but if somebody accused me of something I didn't do I'd be angry and fighting tooth and nail over it. You can lose your wallet or lose some keys or almost anything and get it back, but a reputation is something that can never be restored once it's lost. To say you didn't have the time to defend your reputation or just didn't bother says something about your character. All of this happened when Congress was in recess so, yes I'd say he had the time. From what I've read even the gay comunnity finds his actions embarrasing. To shrub it off as some misunderstood communications is also a load of bull. You know guys. When you go into a restroom the unwritten rules we all know. You are there for the job at hand and nothing else. You watch your personnal space and avoid eye contact that might be misunderstood. No trite talking unless it's to inform someone there's no soap or paper towels or a stall is broken. I might understand if he had a "wide" stance and accidentally moved a foot too close but hand gestures? And he can't pass it off as a joke as he didn't know the guy in the stall next to him.
In short I'd say his political career is over. We'll see what the Idaho voters think. Haven't read any comments from them yet.

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pygalgia said...

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