Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tagging and 8 things about me

Let's see he said taking a deep mental breath.
1. I'm not much of a people person even though I was once a pro photographer.
2. I like gardening although what I don't know about it would fill volumes.
3. I like chemistry but never took it in high school or college. Learned what I know about it from reading books on photo chemistry and environmental.
4. I read alot but have no time to read a complete novel.
5. I could trade pants with Monkeyfister although I don't know if our styles are the same. I fit in small confined spaces.
6. I detest dishonest people. That's why I hate Shrub.
7. I have no fear of danger. Situations are all a matter of education, training and being alert.
8. I don't think I'll ever retire, only find a less physical occupation.

Okay that's a few things about me. Let me see who I can put under the microscope.

Various Ecstasies Snave
Bu$hmeriKa 2 Chuck
dependable renegade Watertiger

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