Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Bush flaps his gums

Free Trade?

Listening to Bush babble on about free trade and how it will give us higher paying jobs this morning makes me want to ... The iceing on the cake was when he mentioned about following the rule of law. That's when I turned him off.

Most of the jobs went first to Mexico and then to China so Ross Perot was half right. On farm trade it seems nobody wins. Our farmers can't make it so they ask for subsities then they in turn dump produce on Mexico so Mexican farmers can't make a living. And you wonder why there's a drug problem coming from Mexico.

In other news Dennis Kucinich finally stood up and said what most Americans have wanted for some time, the impeachment of Cheney. I had hopes until I read that he and Pelosi backed down shortly afterward. They stated that they had other priorities like health care. (Yea like Bush is going to let anything you come up with get past his veto pen) Don't they realize that they have to get rid of the clowns before anything real gets done or are they just a part of this crime family, distant cousins maybe?

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