Thursday, November 1, 2007

More Random things

Is this malady spreading of what? First the Mayor of Spokane then Larry Craig and now this clown REPUBLICAN Rep. Richard Curtis a Wa. state legislator gets caught having sex with some guy he picked up at a sex shop. Anybody out there come up with a nice catch phrase for this? Interestingly the GOP asked him to leave office. Sounds like the GOP should stand for the Gay Old Party eh.

Oil is now at $96 per barrel. How much longer will it be before janitors, field workers and other unskilled workers won't be able to afford the gas to get to work?

Speaking of work I just did a recertification class. The instructors always like to show some gruesome safety films. I hate to watch them because someone always gets killed (and these are for real) but then it reminds me not to become complacent about what I do. It's real easy when you've done this type of work as long as I have.

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