Sunday, January 13, 2008

Enlightment of our healthcare system

Got a kick out of seeing a conservative talking head Glen Beck realize what the actions of his party have done to the health care system. I'm thinking of a new label to put on all of this but I just can't put my finger on it. Something like hoisted by ones own petard just doesn't exactly fit. Any ideas?
There's a great lesson in this


RussBLib said...

How about we mount a campaign to get that jerk off the airwaves? WTF is "Headline News" doing putting the likes of Nancy Grace and Glenn Beck in primetime anwyay? Headline News? In what galaxy? Both of them are the worst sort of personalities. Geez, you actually try to get some "Headline News" and you get assaulted by fearmongers and hatemongers. What a country!

Demeur said...

Thanks for stopping by Russ. As for CNN I don't watch it anymore. I watch BBC at night and the rest I get from the web. Nothing like getting half the news from NBC. Only watch NBC to see what they left out.