Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Oil surges hitting $100 a barrel!

I generally tend to try not to be vulgar in this blog but on this I'm going to make an exception. As Stranger over at Blah3 pointed out, it's a time to give great adulations to our Shrub and the vice shrub in the white house two great oilmen who promised in their first term to do something about gas prices when the price was less than $2 a gallon! Shall we all just bend over now and prepare for the excrusiating pain that will be on us shortly? And all this in an election year. Shrub has no morals. And to all of the republicans who supported him over the years it's like he's telling them screw you. I won't be here. I'll just set myself up pretty and leave all the problems for the next guy just like he did in Texas. Asshat!
Happy Scew Year

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