Thursday, January 24, 2008

Your $800 rebate is now $600

I think the only reason we are seeing any consideration of a rebate is because the stock market took a dump loosing over 2000 points in just a few months. Had that not happened you would have seen nada, zip, zero from the federal government. It would have been business as usual since those at the top had lost nothing. As Bush has screwed up everything he's touched I think he was hoping to slide out of town after the election having raped this country with his stupid economic policys, unethical and illegal government policys, and incompetant cronies. In trying to pump the economy he's hoping to try to keep the dog and pony show going just long enough to so republicans through out the land aren't send running out of town tarred and feathered.
Sorry for all the cliches.

Sorry economy

What will $600 buy? That would pay for about one month's rent and some groceries depending on where you live. Uugghhh we've been Bushwacked again.


Anonymous said...

-what a pussy. You slide in your own anti-Bush bull-shit. Let's guess, you must be one of though lucid-thinking 'I'm proud to be a liberal'-whiners who believe everything they say just because they're the only ones whining. Get humble, you 'expert' of everything social, political, and of course economics, too...
...if you're paying $600 rent, then you aren't educated enough to express any qualified opinions! -are you sure you even qualify for the rebate in the first place??

Demeur said...

Ahh a troll!
Well anon I guess I'm the stupid one. My place is paid for and I have no debt because I unlike you actually worked for a living. So yes when I see a dumbass in the white house waste as much money as he has I have every right to complain. $600 is chump change compaired to the millions this administration and his minions have stolen.
So you go back to your wingnut friends and let the adults take back the country and fix this mess.

pygalgia said...

It's not about the amount of the rebate, but the simple fact that the rebate is a "feel-good band-aid" that does nothing to address the underlying problem. Great post.
p.s. to the troll, I have a college degree, but pay less than $600 for rent. Choices.