Friday, February 23, 2007


Cheney has a lot of nerve lambasting China for testing a missle for their defense system. Lets look at the facts. Who is the only country in the world ever to use nuclear weapons? Who is the only country to establish a preemtive offensive defense? Who is the administration that is about to reverse an action that took place over forty years ago by putting missles in Europe?
Who is the country abusing human rights and civil liberties even though they swore an oath to a constitution that prevents this? The arrogance with which this administration operates amazes me. To assume that a country that's developing as fast as China would not be establishing systems for it's own defense is absurd.
Cheney criticizes Pelosi for not realizing the consequenses of her actions. He should stop to consider the consequenses of his actions when he outed a CIA agent. We'll see how that one plays out after the Libby trial. And now we have THE BIG PLAN for Iraq. I won't go into it here so go over to Blah3 and check out the insanity.

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shayera said...

Maybe Shooter's trying to get Klingered out of the Administration. Because I'm pretty sure not even he can actually believe the things that come out of his mouth. I've never seen such a complete distancing from reality.
And Bachmann's really great for a laugh.