Friday, February 23, 2007

The resolution

It appears that the white house is digging in it's heals over the Iraq issue.
Hard Heads
Time for another history lesson boys and girls. Who has been in charge of Iraq for the last oh thirty or forty years? That's right the Sunnis. So who has no experience in running the government? The Shias. What happened in Lebanon when the U.S. had bases there? Almost the same thing as Iraq only a little less violence by comparison. Oh, and after a bit of research we find a very similar situation as in Lebanon in that there are different factions fighting and not just one side against the other. Is this to simplistic for you because it will get more complicated in the near future. There is one thing that all of the groups seem agree on and that is that the U.S. are occupiers and they want us out.
The original resolution was based on an assumption that Iraq had WMDs and was assisting Al Qada. Two things that were known to be incorrect. Would that not make the original resolution invalid?
Haven't checked the recent polls but over 70% of the U.S. is against the Iraq war. Why then are Republicans in the Senate and House for this war? The people of the U.S. put them in the offices they hold and there is an election coming up next year. Don't they get it or are they going to ride off the cliff with Bush and Cheney?

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