Monday, February 26, 2007

The Slide

I don't claim to be any expert on macroeconomics, but when someone who is starts giving hints of a recession I take notice. Ole Al who had been pretty conservative in his estimates and actions when he was head of the Fed gives some Clues as to the upcoming economy. If he's correct on this perdiction and I really hope he's not, there's going to be some pretty ugly times ahead. I really don't want to go through what I did in the early 80's.

Update 2/27/07
Looks like China sneezed and the U.S economy is catching a Cold. Don't panic yet though the greedy could be back in the market later in the week to reap big profits.
Update 2
After looking at the Chinese markets at about 10:30pm pst be prepared for another down day. And you might want to shift your money to safer ground for a while. That's what I did a few months ago.

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