Monday, February 26, 2007

They got me again

I was watching the nightly news tonight. I don't know why I really bother. Even if they report on a story that I've been following, they either cut it short or don't give you the full or other side of the story. They briefly reported that the Iraqi government had signed an oil agreement and that was about it. What they didn't say was anything of the other W's of journalism like when where who and why. But more inportantly what the agreement means. In short what the agreement means is that foreign countries will get upwards of three quarters of the oil revenues. If that is not the rape of a country I don't know what is. Should you be interested in reading the actual agreement I have posted it Here
My thanks toRaed for his translation from the original arabic. He seems to find some good inside info on iraq having lived there until the last year or so.
But getting back to network news, I feel like Charlie Brown always going to see if they'll give the full story only to have the football pulled away again.

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